Most Haunted Series 22

Most Haunted Series 22 sees Yvette Fielding and the team visit five more reputedly haunted locations, looking for proof of the afterlife.

In this much-anticipated series, viewers were treated to an array of chilling encounters and the team captured some incredible audible phenomena and poltergeist activity on camera.

The highlight of Series 22 was an incredible three part investigation of The Leopard Inn, a 1700s coaching house in Stoke, where the team came face to face with a violent poltergeist.

List of Most Haunted Series 22 Episodes

In Series 22 of Most Haunted, Yvette Fielding and her team of paranormal investigators tackle some of the most eerie and unexplained phenomena across the UK. This series features episodes filmed in various locations, each with a unique history and haunting reputations.

Ashwell Prison

Exploring the deserted Ashwell Prison in Rutland, the team grapple with reports of shadowy figures, unexplained noises, and slamming cell doors. This former category C complex has an intriguing and daunting background, which forms the basis of this opening episode. In this two part special, Yvette and her team are confronted by a mysterious entity in the dark.

Bate Inn

Another location under investigation is the Bate Inn, one of the oldest pubs in Cheshire. The Bate Inn boasts a long history of strange occurrences and paranormal activity. The Most Haunted crew put their wits to the test in an attempt to communicate with it’s spirits and soon come under fire. Whatever is lurking in the shadows makes itself known and the team’s resident sceptic Glen witnesses some violent poltergeist activity.

Ruthin Castle

Ruthin Castle is a medieval castle with a rich and storied past. In this episode, the team strives to uncover the hidden secrets that lie behind its walls. Tales of ghostly sightings and unexplained phenomena pervade the castle’s history. Strange noises and sinister shadows spook the team and the intense paranormal activity pushes the crew to the limit, forcing one team member to leave early.

Ancient High House

The team also visits the Ancient High House, a centuries-old building with a reputation for being haunted. The building is one of the finest Tudor buildings in the country and has played host to a number of Royal figures throughout history. Spectral presences and eerie noises are said to disturb the peace here, as the team seek answers to the otherworldly happenings.

Leopard Inn

The Leopard Inn, another stop on the team’s journey, is a historic pub in Stoke, with a spine-chilling aura. As the team explore the inn’s upper floors, they come face-to-face with an aggressive spirit and capture audible phenomena that defies explanation. An aggressive poltergeist makes its presence felt in this three part special as the team are pushed to their limits once more as another frightening series comes to a close.

Where to Watch Most Haunted Series 22

Most Haunted Series 22 features Yvette Fielding, Karl Beattie, Glen Hunt, Fred Batt, Stuart Torevell, Gregg Smith, and Darren Hutchinson. The team explores various haunted locations across Britain and Ireland engaging in paranormal investigations. To watch this thrilling series, there are several options available.

If you’d like to watch Most Haunted on Discovery+, simply download the app and sign up for a subscription. With Discovery+, you can stream Most Haunted Series 22 and catch up on other seasons of the show.

A number of the earlier series are also available to stream on Amazon Prime.

Simply log in to your account and search for the show. If you’re not a Prime member, you can sign up for a free trial to watch the series and other great content.