Most Haunted Series 23

Most Haunted, the popular paranormal reality show, has presented thrilling investigations for over two decades. With its 23rd season, the show continues to captivate audiences with five fresh haunted locations. Led by Yvette Fielding, the team ventures into derelict buildings that are claimed to be haunted, meticulously scrutinising for any signs of ghostly activity.

The 23rd season consists of ten intriguing episodes where they explore places like the Eden Camp Museum, the intriguing Antwerp Mansion, and Hodroyd Hall. 

A new addition to the team spices up the investigations, and viewers are treated to some of the best evidence of the paranormal the team have recorded to date.

List of Most Haunted Series 23 Episodes

Eden Camp Museum

Yvette and her team embark on a spine-tingling investigation of the Eden Camp Museum, a former WWII prisoner of war camp in North Yorkshire. The team is joined by a new recruit, Yvette and Karl’s daughter Mary. The investigation starts with strange noises that soon escalate into an eerie encounter with dark shadows and disembodied voices.

As the team splits up to explore the site, they are confronted with unexplained activity that seems to want to separate them. The Eden Camp Museum episodes are split into two parts, providing an intense and thorough examination of the location’s history and paranormal occurrences.

Antwerp Mansion

The crew then ventures to Antwerp Mansion, a derelict Victorian Mansion in Manchester with a mysterious reputation. The building was used as an infamous Manchester nightclub before its closure in 2018. Strange noises, dark shadows and poltergeist activity spook the team in this sprawling abandoned building that was once home to the Belgian consul.

Hodroyd Hall

In Barnsley, the Most Haunted team investigates Hodroyd Hall, an all-but-deserted manor house with a history of murder, death, and intrigue. As the team ventures into the deserted halls, they encounter unexplained activity that seems to be following them. As the investigation progresses, the team is put to the test by an unseen entity that seems determined to make its presence known.

Kelham Hall

Yvette and her team travel to Nottinghamshire to investigate Kelham Hall, a beautiful stately home with a history of paranormal sightings. As the team conducts their investigations, they are confronted by a sinister shadow that seems to be leading them down a dark corridor. Gregg faces a demanding nighttime vigil as the rest of the team tries to uncover the truth behind the strange occurrences at Kelham Hall.

Guy’s Cliffe House

The last two installments of Most Haunted Series 23 sees the team head to Warwick to investigate the haunted ruins of Guy’s Cliffe House. As they explore the site, they encounter a persistent poltergeist that stops at nothing to get their attention. Yvette leads the team as they try to uncover the truth behind the ghostly phenomena taking place within the historic building.

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Most Haunted Series 23 is now available to watch on Discovery+. Join Yvette Fielding and her team as they investigate some of the UK’s most haunted locations, from asylums to ancient castles.

If you’d like to watch Most Haunted on Discovery+, simply download the app and sign up for a subscription. With Discovery+, you can stream all episodes of Series 23 and catch up on the most recent seasons of the show.

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