Yvette Fielding Calls Derek Acorah A Fake


Yvette Fielding call Derek Acorak a fake on the set of Most Haunted Live – March 2007

15 thoughts on “Yvette Fielding Calls Derek Acorah A Fake”

  1. For all you non believers in the paranormal.what i seen and heard as a child would certainly change your mind.not only me but my brothers as well.

  2. Hi Derek,

    So what was that about with the Ford Ka? You didn’t see that one coming did you?
    If you are proven to be someone happy to drink and drive you will deserve to have your career ended. Hopefully there was another reason for your actions which will come to light in due course.


  3. I watched Most Haunted tonight and laughed all the way through as Yvette and the others called out ” anyone there please make a noise or throw something ” when something supposedly happened, they all screamed, swore repeatedly and ran from it. Hiding round the corner they then asked ” anyone there, please make a noise or throw something ” a comedy show! ROFL

  4. Something strange happened on 5 September 2008 at approximately 5:25 pm. I was at Euston Station London and saw Derek queuing at a cashpoint. I was a fan of Most Haunted and was delighted to see him although he seemed to be looking into the distance. Nothing unusual except when I got home that night my husband surprised me with a couple of Derek’s books as a wedding anniversary present. This is strange because my husband debunks everything to do with psychics but had wanted to surprise me with something that interested me but in which he had no interest at all. Only Derek’s diary will tell where he was that evening. I would be most interested to know.

  5. Oh and by the way Derek Acorah has made millions out of being a Fake so he must be doing something right !!!

  6. Derek acorah, is fake! He gives real mediums a bad name , U can tell just the way he does his shows, he is a liar and nothing more than a show man ,

  7. I didnt mean taken over by his wife lol i ment derek is taken over and his wife is genrally scared lol.. but still!! Never the less love derek and his work!! Tell sam i said hi derek 😀 one day the thruth with come to light

  8. HA bet that shut you up bill!!

    Personally… and is only my opion… my mum is a medium and so is her friend and i am i big BIG believer in derek and his work.. i think derek is fantastic and as for ciaran coming out and saying he’s fake of corse he is…. he sits there at the end of every episode and tries to prove how its ‘fake’. So personally for me derek is fantastic…. have you seen the episode where derek is taken over by his wife??? She is genrally scared… so leave the man alone and let him do what he does best!!


  9. I challenge dereck akor to come with me to one place that will scare you witless i lived in lewisham south east london all my life and heard about a train crash that killed 89 people in total THE GREAT TRAIN CRASH OF 1953 IN ST JOHNS ROAD LOAMPIT HILL LEWISHAM RESEARCH LEWISHAM AND ITS HISTORY YOU WON’T BE DISAPPOINTED.

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