Yvette Fielding’s Ghosts Of Great Britain

Yvette Fielding Ghosts

Yvette Fielding has fearlessly walked into some of the most terrifying and infamous haunted properties around the world in search for the truth about ghosts.

Yvette takes you to two haunted locations: Pleasley Vale Mills and Bodewyddan Castle

Orginally on a DVD that came with the Paranormal Mazagine – First Issue November 2005.

2 thoughts on “Yvette Fielding’s Ghosts Of Great Britain”

  1. Ithink it could be a reflection of who ever was behind the camara ? but then again im no expert, would be fantastic if it was real SPOOKY……

  2. On the first video, without it playing, on Yvettes right side, it seems to be a face, over the door?? Is it done on purpose???

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