Paranormal Activity 2 : Movie

The first teaser trailer for the sequel to last October’s surprise low-budget blockbuster, Paranormal Activity, was released at screenings of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.

Shot in a similar style, this footage features the same security camera footage catching spooky images when no one is looking.

The budget is bigger this go-round since the original film, which cost only $15,000 to make, earned $193 million worldwide.

The storyline for the follow-up remains a secret and this eerie one-minute trailer gives no specific information about the plot of this supernatural tale. It shows objects moving on their own, a vanishing babe, and flying body. Apparently actors who originally played the haunted couple, Katie Featherston and Micah Sloat, will return.

Complaints that the Paranormal Activity 2 trailer is too scary for young kids prompted the Cinemark theater chain in Texas to pull it, according to trade publication Variety. Some have suggested there are hidden voices and imagery. No doubt, this has increased views of the trailer online.

Supposedly tremendous word-of-mouth on the internet triggered the campaign, demanding that the first Paranormal Activity open in cities throughout the US, when it was originally scheduled for a select release.

The sequel hits North American theaters on October 22, 2010.


Source : The Observer

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