Sally Morgan Wins Her Legal Battle Against The Daily Mail

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Sally Morgan is overjoyed to have won her libel action against the Daily Mail and to have restored her reputation and professional integrity. After an 18 month investigation into the work that Sally does, the newspaper was forced to make a full apology to Sally and pay her £125,000 in damages; one of the most substantial libel payments in recent history. Sally’s legal team, led by Graham Atkins of Atkins Thomson, and David Sherborne of counsel, describe the victory as an extremely significant result.

The case was concluded at a hearing in the High Court in London on June 20 during which the newspaper withdrew its allegation that Sally cheated her audience at a show in September 2011. Representatives for Associated Newspapers Limited admitted the accusation was untrue and apologised unreservedly to Sally for publishing it. The newspaper also agreed to pay Sally’s legal costs.

Sally is now looking forward to getting on with her life and doing what she does best – displaying her amazing talents to sell-out audiences.

She said: “Almost two years ago an accusation was made against me that questioned my professional integrity and suggested that I had cheated my fans, who I hold very dear. That accusation was totally unfounded and the subsequent fall out has affected me, my family, my career, my health and the good reputation I have built up over many years. It was an unjustified and unfair attack and it has been a very difficult, costly and painful process to get where I am today and to rectify that wrong.

“I bought this libel action against The Daily Mail not to be a spokesperson for mediums and mediumship, nor for financial gain, but for the simple reason of principle. I have done nothing wrong and deserve to have that acknowledged. I have never cheated.

“There will always be sceptics who attack my work and I understand and accept that. However, to libel me and falsely accuse me of a con trick does not constitute rational commentary or debate. I hope now this settlement and apology will repair the damage that has been done.”

While Sally admits that the battle to clear her name has been emotionally draining, she has been overwhelmed by the love and support she has received from her family, friends and fans.

“I would like to thank my family and friends and most of all my fans from the bottom of my heart,” she said. “They have shown me much love and support through these difficult months and the victory is as much for them as it is for me.”


4 thoughts on “Sally Morgan Wins Her Legal Battle Against The Daily Mail”

  1. I have seen Sally shows about four times and she is the best she makes comments that are very personal and no one would know but close family of the deceased. She never generalize and gets it correct most of the time. She is a lovely lady a and is a beautiful person. I have seen other mediums and none of them are as good as Sally they generalize and do not get the names right. What Sally has is a gift that she has had from a child and no one should criticize her as a fake if you do not believe go to her show and see for yourselve you will soon change your mind. She helps many people and has a heart of gold.

  2. I think you are truly an inspiration Sally. I would love a reading sometime… if you’re ever near Glasgow, Scotland. I’ve lost most of my close family and watching your work gives me hope that I will meet them again… someday. Good for you for sticking to your principles and showing the media that they can’t get away with printing lies about people. Love to u and your family xx

  3. To karl bryant, if u think what this lady does is bs, then why bother voicing your negativity. She gives hope to millions that there’s life after death and who are you to deny people that hope. Being sceptical is healthy but your comment is just BITTER!!!

  4. She is a fake, plain and simple….

    “I bought this libel action against The Daily Mail not to be a spokesperson for mediums and mediumship, nor for financial gain, but for the simple reason of principle.”

    Yeah, so you don’t need the money then, send it to charity… 1 word = BS

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