Most Haunted Series 22

Most Haunted Series 22

Most Haunted Series 22 sees Yvette Fielding and the team visit five more reputedly haunted locations, looking for proof of the afterlife. In this much-anticipated series, viewers were treated to an array of chilling encounters and the team captured some incredible audible phenomena and poltergeist activity on camera. The highlight of Series 22 was an … Read more

Most Haunted Series 23

Most Haunted Season 23

Most Haunted, the popular paranormal reality show, has presented thrilling investigations for over two decades. With its 23rd season, the show continues to captivate audiences with five fresh haunted locations. Led by Yvette Fielding, the team ventures into derelict buildings that are claimed to be haunted, meticulously scrutinising for any signs of ghostly activity. The … Read more

Ye Olde King’s Head Chester

The Ye Olde Kings Head, built in 1622, on foundations dating back to the early 1200’s, boasting Elizabethan fireplaces and timber recovered from one of Admiral Lord Nelsons sunken ships, this inn has many stories to tell. During a refurbishment in the 1930’s, a sword was found hidden under the floorboards of bedroom number 4, which can now … Read more

Most Haunted 2015 Episode Guide

Most Haunted series 17 2015 began airing on Really TV at 10pm, 4th June 2015. It includes 11 episodes

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