Ghost Hunting With Girls Aloud

Only four of the five members of Girls Aloud took part in the pilot episode of Ghost Hunting With Yvette Fielding which was set in North Wales.

Nadine Coyle opted out of the show because she was too scared. This left Nicola Roberts, Kimberley Walsh, Cheryl Cole and Sarah Harding to go ghost hunting.

Plas Teg

Yvette gives the girls a tour off the house, where she speaks out. They hear knocking noises throughout the house. They then decide to have a séance. Nicola then leaves the group and retreats to the taxi and psychologist Professor Geoffrey Beattie. During the séance, objects are thrown around the room, supposedly by a squire who used to work at the house. Cheryl feels something touch her arm just before the séance. After the séance, the group split to find more ghosts. Cheryl and Kimberley go downstairs, while Sarah and Yvette stay upstairs. When Cheryl and Kimberley return, Cheryl’s finger is flicked, presumably by the ghost.

Crossley Hospital

The next site the girls visit is Crossley Hospital an abandoned sanatorium. The hospital itself is derelict, but there are many out-houses which the girls enter, such as the morgue and the nurses’ quarters. In the morgue, Yvette decides to play with the ouija board. Nicola opts out, but stays to watch. But while touring the morgue, she reached the end of her nerve and left the group again. She is soon followed by Sarah. The remainder of the group, accompanied by security, continue their expedition to the basement. Sarah decides to rejoin the group at this point. While in the basement, the group gets stones thrown at them. Cheryl, Kimberley and Sarah decide to call it a night and depart for the safety of the taxi and Geoff. But Yvette stays to face the spirit. But the longer she stays, the more stones get thrown at her so she decides to leave.

First broadcast: 12 December 2006

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