Most Haunted DVDs – Complete And Live Series

If you’re as captivated by the hair-raising whispers and spectral encounters of Most Haunted as we are, you’ve landed exactly where you need to be. Here, you will get Most Haunted DVDs where you will find complete live series easily.

Most Haunted is the British television series that revolutionized paranormal investigations on TV. Our beloved Yvette Fielding has led us on hair-raising adventures since 2002, unveiling the chilling histories of the most haunted locations across the UK and beyond.

Alongside her has been Karl Beattie, steadfast and unwavering, recording evidence in the face of the truly terrifying. And who could forget the spiritual medium, Derek Acorah? His charismatic presence in the first six series brought the spirit world to life in a way no one else could.

Classic Episodes and Spine-Chilling Investigations

Our collection of Most Haunted DVDs spans from the earliest investigations, ripe with raw fear and pioneering paranormal communication, to more recent series where technology has enhanced our glimpses into the spirit world.

Relive the iconic episode from Series 1, where Yvette, Karl, and Derek encountered the unnerving energies of Leap Castle, Ireland. Or journey back to Series 6, where the Ancient Ram Inn stirred a storm of spectral phenomena, proving why it’s considered one of Britain’s most haunted buildings.

Most Haunted DVDs for sale

We’ve gathered these Most Haunted DVDs for you – the super fans who have followed Yvette, Karl, and Derek from the beginning, who’ve held your breath with each EVP recording, and who’ve celebrated each piece of evidence, however small. Here, you can replay those thrilling moments and continue your love affair with the other side.

Most Haunted DVDs – Complete Series DVDs

Most Haunted – Complete Series 1
Most Haunted – Complete Series 2
Most Haunted – Complete Series 3
Most Haunted – Complete Series 4
Most Haunted – Complete Series 5
Most Haunted – Complete Series 6
Most Haunted – Complete Series 7
Most Haunted – Complete Series 8
Most Haunted – Complete Series 9
Most Haunted – Complete Series 10
Most Haunted – Complete Series 11
Most Haunted – Complete Series 12
Most Haunted – Complete Series 14

Most Haunted Live – Best of Live DVDs

Most Haunted Live – The House That Fear Built (Winchester Mystery House)

Stream Most Haunted Online

If you’d prefer to stream Most Haunted, you can also watch many of the early episodes on Amazon Prime. You can sign up for a 30-day trial below.