Most Haunted Romania

âşnov (IPA: [‘rɨʃ.nov]; German: Rosenau; Hungarian: Barcarozsnyó) is a town in Braşov County, Romania with a population of under 16,000. It is located at about 15 km from the city of Braşov and about the same distance from Bran, on the road that links Wallachia and Transylvania. Its name is derived from Slavic “žrŭnovy”, meaning … Read more

Most Haunted Hever Castle

There have been three main periods in the construction of this historic castle. The oldest part of the castle dates to 1270 and consisted of the gatehouse and a walled bailey. In the early 1500’s, the Bullen family bought the castle and added a Tudor dwelling within the walls and so it became the childhood … Read more

Most Haunted Matlock Bath Pavillion

  The second pavillion in Matlock, also known as the Royal Pavillion. It was built in 1910 at a cost of £10,000 opposite the Fishpond Hotel. Clearly designed to impress, it was built of brick with a large central dome and two smaller domes. It contained a theatre, a large ground floor room and a … Read more

Most Haunted Tatton Mansion

The Mansion is the jewel in Tatton’s crown. It offers a truly fascinating glimpse of the style, taste and history of the Egerton family with lavish state rooms, family memorabilia, fine collections and the domestic realities of the extensive servants’ quarters. It is a house offering contrasting moods and experiences. The state rooms and most … Read more

Most Haunted Sutton House

  Sutton House is a Grade II* listed Tudor manor house in Homerton High Street, Hackney, London, England. It is owned by the National Trust. Originally known as ‘Bryck Place’, Sutton House was built in 1535 by Sir Ralph Sadleir and is the oldest residential building in Hackney. It is a rare example of a … Read more

Most Haunted Cammell Laird

The history of the present site can be traced back to at least the Norman period with the founding around 1150 of the Birkenhead Priory. In those days Birkenhead was little more than a collection of farms around the monastic settlement. The Monks operated a ferry service to an even less populated site across the … Read more

Most Haunted Tatton Old Hall, Knutsford

  At first glance Tatton Old Hall is an undistinguished red brick farm house with a stone slab roof set within plain grounds except for a reconstructed crook-timber hay barn and a small visitor centre. There has come to light, however, sufficient architectural and structural evidence to show that it was once probably completely a … Read more

Most Haunted Stockport Workhouse

 Stockport Workhouse was officially opened on Christmas day 1841, although some inmates were actually admitted a few months bpreviously due to overcrowding at other workhouses. Records also show a parish workhouse somewhere in Stockport as far back as 1731. It was designed by Henry Bowman. The only other workhouse that he designed was in Congleton, … Read more

Most Haunted Dartford Library

  Dartford Library and the adjacent museum, was constructed in 1916. Originally this was a Carnegie library, built using money donated by Scottish-American businessman Andrew Carnegie, who was responsible for over 2,500 other libraries globally. It was designed by Thomas E. Tiffin AMICE and built in Bath of Portland and York stone, by Messrs H. … Read more

Most Haunted Alton Towers

  Earls of Shrewsbury occupied the castle from 1412 when the Lady Ankarat de Verdun married Sir John Talbot – the title remained in the same family until the 1920’s. It was the 15th Earl, Charles Talbot, born in 1753, who tamed the landscape surrounding the Towers. With the help of hundreds of artisans, mechanics … Read more