Pengersick Castle, The Clockhouse, Caesars Nightclub

This is an atmospheric location that spooks even the hard-bitten, worldy-wise Most Haunted crew.

Pengersick Castle.


Pengersick Castle

Pengersick has always had a reputation for magic, mystery, sorcery and particularly, ghosts. There are said to be more than twenty separate presences at Pengersick Castle including: a ghostly 14th century monk; a 13 year old girl who danced to her death off the battlements and still tries to swing people around; a four year old boy who tugs at ladies dresses; the re-enactment of a medieval murder; a man seen swaying in the corner of a room; a young lady lying on a bed under spectral covers; a woman seen walking through a wall and pacing the room; a woman stabbed to death in the castle; another woman who was beaten to death in the haunted bedroom; a man stabbed and strangled in 1546 in front of a fireplace; several previous owners; a ghostly cat and dog; John Milliton, a wicked man, claimed to be an alchemist and practice in the black arts, who acts in the castle tower; and there is even believed to be a demon captured in the tower bedroom’s fireplace and more besides

Another legend is that of an evil man who left his wife while fighting in foreign lands. While on his travels he courted another woman who gave him a magic sword. He returned to his castle to have his wife and young child drowned and to marry yet another woman, this one an evil witch. His other son, who survived, years later rescued a drowning sailor who turned out to be his brother left for dead at sea.

Another is that Henry Pengersick was violent man and that back in the 12th Century he killed a monk and wounded a vicar. The present owners believe that if there are ghosts at Pengersick Castle they could be of Henry Pengersick, later known as Henry Le Fort and his wife Engrina.

This tale steeped in local folklore accounts for many of the said hauntings at Pengersick Castle.

The Clockhouse , Surrey Hills

Part one of the Ruth Ellis ghost mystery. This very large privately owned house, built across Medieval, Georgian and Victorian periods, is said to play host to strange noises, doors opening and closing, dark figures in corridors and a room that seems to harbour a number of spiritual entities.

When spiritualist medium Derek Acorah picks up on the sprit of a woman called Ruth, only the property owner Fred Batt can explain the extraordinary link. Fred also owns a Caesars nightclub in London, which is said to be haunted by 1950s socialite Ruth Ellis.

Caesar’s Nightclub

Part two of the Ruth Ellis investigation takes the Most Haunted team to Fred Batt’s South London nightclub.

The largest club in London, Caesars was closed for many years.

When current owner Fred Batt re-opened the club eight years ago strange things started to occur.

Staff report unidentified footsteps along corridors, dark shapes seen moving across rooms, doors opening on their own, and a ghostly woman’s figure who is believed to be 1950s socialite Ruth Ellis. Ellis used to work at Caesars nightclub.

Spiritualist medium Derek Acorah picks up on the name Ruth, and the names of some of the club’s former celebrity clients such as Reggie Kray.

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First broadcast: 13th May 2003

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