Most Haunted Live May 2006 : Panic In Portsmouth

“Hello and welcome we are back.”
The opening line to Most Haunted Live May 2006 from Portsmouth. The team, old and new, consists of Medium David Wells, Karl, Yvette , Ciaran O’Keefe, historian Richard Felix, they are joined by Medium Ian Shillito, Paranormal Investigator Steve Parsons and Resident Historian Ms Lesley Smith, finally Mr Paul Ross becomes our studio host.
“The rollercoaster ride is about to begin” says Paul Ross, we the public will see.


Wymering Attic

Instantly David feels he is greeted by a spirit on entering the building. The crew voice their opinion of uncertainty. A noise from the floor in the first few moments becomes the highlighted interest. David finds a selected cold spot and all attention is drawn to the tapping noise, a dull thud from between the floor and cellar. David feels the spirit of a dark aggressive male, enough to trigger Yvette ‘s fears to escalate, with a flash of light we return to the studio. A fast start to this Most Haunted Live.

We return to a ‘struggling’ David Wells who is claims to be joined by the spirit of a naval dressed man and the spirit of a woman. On calling for a spirit called Mary a noise seems to respond to David call for contact. David identifies the spirit to be connected to a family of four including a naval officer. David feels he is being contacted by a shover/pusher who gives him the impression they shouldn’t be doing what they are doing. David senses a geographical change into the shape and size of the rooms. The noises seem to respond to questions asked, is this a more definite paranormal response than past found on a Most Haunted Live ? David identifies the spirit as ‘Francis’. Our studio historian Lesley confirms the existence of a Francis Austin, a naval officer and brother of Jane Austin, who died in 1865. She also confirms the rooms have changed in size and shape when the building became a hostel.

After a break we once more return to the crew who are now in the Music Room, they continue to hear noises they can’t identify. David now connects with two monks, are they throwing pebbles, a now common occurrence on Most Haunted. David voices threats from one of the monks toward Yvette , not to goud him. Yvette suggests a seance as we go to a break.

The calling begins in the seance led by Yvette . David senses shame in the monks for what may have been a ‘sexual’ event in the Manor. Was this entrapment to keep their own ‘dirty’ secrets. Does the table move or is it merely the rising tension ?

The team move upstairs, Ian discusses having felt the presence of two children and a religious man in the music room. A number of the team are sure they heard the sound of a baby crying. Were all these sounds from the outside as suggested by studio based Steve Parsons ? David senses the spirit may be judgemental and expresses he is more than happy to get into the debate of religion. Noises follow and seemingly more pebbles are dropping or being thrown. Is this in response to David’s calls for a debate ?

Historian, Lesley Smith feeds back in the 1870’s the building hosted the St Augustin Monks and a vicarage was just beyond the manor. In the loft space Yvette takes Kath with her as she’s tries to taunt spirits into reacting to her. Now David picks up on what he thinks are nuns from around the 1300’s.

In the cellar David senses an astral shifting around, a grubby six year old child who’s bones are nearby in the earth.

An unusual occurrence is when Ciaran breaks down upset with a headache. On his return Ciaran has no explanation for his actions and even when discussing how he felt he once more shows himself as overwhelmed and upset. Karl and Richard spend sometime in a priest hole and return with just the feelings of unease.

Stones appear to continue being thrown, or are they small pieces of stone falling from the roof space above ? At the close of coverage Jon Gilbert feels his legs collapse or he suggests he may have been pushed.

Day 2 : Southsea Castle

Southsea Castle

Day 3 : Royal Marine Museum

Royal Marine Museum

David Wells first thoughts are he senses a military steward, who he feels may have passed over recently coming down the stairs. Then in the first main room David feels further on in the building there will be something not quite right. He also picks up on an old crouched man who he says will be waiting for them later.

In a meeting room David tells us of a woman in white who is not in contact, she merely appears from time to time. Also two or three children about 7 years of age who ‘scamper around’, perhaps from times when the building was residential. The next spirit David detects is in full battle dress and ready for a fight, he taunts David knowing he was once in the Royal Navy. We get the name as ‘Billy W’ who was in his mid thirties and died of an accidental death, possibly in the 1950’s. Are tapping noises responses to David’s questions ? If they are the noises tell us there are six spirits in residence and it was one of them who dropped a ten pence coin down the stairs earlier. Also Steve Parsons confirms there are definite temperature changes inline with the tapings.

Moving on into the educational room David picks up a constant negative energy of two or three marines fighting and maybe one of them died from it. On being questioned by Richard Felix David tells us Billy is there because all that remains of his regiment is in the museum. Faint tapings continue inline with Yvette’s questions to Billy.

Technical difficulties continue are these due to paranormal influences.

The crew go down into the cellar in the dark they start to hear faint noises or sighs, David believes the crouched figure who has been waiting for them may have followed them into the cellar. When the coverage returns to the studio one of the sighs is replayed and it is definite, its source is naturally questioned by Ciaran, was this paranormal ?

On returning to the crew a seance is taking place. Karl instantly gets a strong metallic taste in his throat, David picks up the astral spirit of a male who took his own life. David picks up the emotion of love and confirms the crouched figure took his own life by shooting himself in the 1920’s. Is the metallic taste blood or the taste of the barrel of a gun ? Ian questions if it was a gun or razor. Using the Ouija Board Yvette seeks the first name of the figure as the glass starts to move. The faint tapings they heard earlier continue as they receive the letter ‘A’. The responses seem to come more from tapings than from the ouija board.

After yet another break we return to the seance as the glass spells out BRAK, which is confirmed to be a surname, on asking for a first name they get BRAM. On asking for a rank they get the response Goodbye but the spirit responds that he doesn’t want them to leave. David thinks he picks up a link to Somerset. The glass continues to move and gives AW and then abruptly stops. Yvette thinks she picks up laughter but this is not confirmed by any other crew member.

Another break takes us back to the studio Lesley Smith try’s to make some sense of the information from the investigation. She offers BRAK is the Dutch for BREAK. She does confirm the possibility of a suicide in the building, although this is rumored and not documented.

When we return to the crew Karl is acting strangely and aggressively, after facing up to David Wells (Who tells him he doesn’t scare him) and Yvette, he does admit he is feeling aggressive. David is under the impression the spirit may be using Karl as a vehicle and attempts to calm him down. David voices his worries the spirit is using Karl because Karl is letting it do so, at this point Karl lashes out at Stuart eventually he asks to be left alone. Ciaran agrees there is something odd going on but is unsure if its paranormal or not. Karl returns to the crew and says he has no idea what was going on it was almost as if he felt drunk, David is sure when he faced up to Karl he saw someone else in him.

The crew then try to make contact using a Planchet (A pen fixed into a piece of wood that sits on a piece of paper and is led by the fingers of the users.) which did start to move but gave no positive information. The whole crew then join forces in the cellar to do a standing seance. David Wells asks the spirits to ‘gently’ affect one of the team, Yvette feels a numb feeling in her leg which later moves into her side. With the lack of any more response Yvette uses her now infamous live aggressive approach demanding the spirits do something and the response is instantaneous when Jon Gilbert falls to the floor screaming. As the coverage comes to an end Jon returns and admits he cannot confirm his collapse is connected to anything paranormal.
First Broadcast : 5th May 2006

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