Phil Whyman

Phil Whyman

Paranormal Investigator Series 2 – 4, Returned to Most Haunted Live October 2009

Phil Whyman is an internationally recognised figure within the paranormal genre and world of paranormal TV programming. He is the founder of Dead Haunted, company director and host of our events. Having been investigating the paranormal world for over a quarter of a century his knowledge of ghosts, hauntings and the unexplained has been called upon numerous times within the media. In 2002 he became the resident paranormal expert and presenter on the hugely successful ‘Most Haunted’ television series alongside Yvette Fielding and Karl Beattie, appearing in three series and seven live events which were watched by millions.

A popular figure on the series, he has since reprised his role on the ‘Most Haunted-Live’ shows, not only providing an expert opinion on the investigation, but also taking studio audience members on special vigils after the show finishes airing each night. Prior to Most Haunted he appeared in the popular ‘Scream Team’ series.

In 2007 he became a published author when ‘Phil Whyman’s Dead Haunted’ was released to much acclaim.

Phil was also recently involved with the ‘The Great Unexplained Debate’ – alongside Karl Beattie – for the Unexplained Channel (Sky 201)

He is currently a monthly columnist for ‘Chat-It’s Fate’ magazine.

Phil runs Dead Haunted with his fiance Sara Woodward of White Rose Paranormal, giving the public the chance to experience genuine overnight paranormal investigations.

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  1. I have had experiences of the paranormal. Would like to be part of an investigative team.

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