Stuart Torevell

Stuart Torevell

Rigger and Cameraman on Most Haunted Since 2002

Stuart Torevell was born on 1st April 1974 in Stockport, Greater Manchester.

He is a camera operator and rigger working for Antix Productions on shows such as Most Haunted. He is a cousin of Yvette Fielding.

Torevell is mostly known for his on-camera role as a paranormal investigator on Most Haunted and Most Haunted Live!.

Stuart’s been prey to a number of paranormal incidents – the scariest being at the Ancient Ram Inn where he was literally attacked by an unseen force. Stuart claims it was this terrifying incident that caused him to lose his hair through alopecia. Jon Dibley, who witnessed it all said, “He was being punched repeatedly in the stomach in front of my eyes. He was screaming and crying from the pain.” As Stuart himself would say “Fookin’ hell!”

Stuart has recently become a father for the first time, when his wife Terri had a baby boy called Max.

12 thoughts on “Stuart Torevell”

  1. haha I love him ! hes my favourite in it ! hes like the ‘Carl Pilkington’ of most haunted isn’t he ! always complaining and wanting to get out ! brilliant !

  2. Hi stu you have always been my fave on most haunted hope you’re all well and hope the family is well tell them I want remembering to them from Alice and Kai x

  3. wow i love all ove you from most haunted i hope you are well and keeping busy i have every most haunted series and all the live dvds would love to be in a live or show would be scared to death lol i am trying to get the team on my face book would love you and yvette and karl. love a big fan xxxxx

  4. Hi Stuart,
    My daughter, Jess, will be 14 on 22nd June this year. She is a massive fan of yours, would make har day if you could send a birthday message!! Obviously I know you are very busy but really would be fab!!
    Thank you x x x

  5. Oh by the way, can we have more whines and spirits please????? You should go to ye olde white heart in hull……it has a plotting room and an attic 😀

  6. Hey stuart I hope you are well and really hoping most haunted makes a comeback soon, I miss it so much, you guys are legends, tell Lesley she makes me PMSL , respect to you all 😉

  7. Hi Stuart. I have been in ore of you ever since I saw you on the programme. You are my favourite to watch as you are most down to earth and the spirits seem to be very attracted to you. I just wanted to hug you when I saw you extremely visously attacked at teh Ancient Ram Inn. Are you ok now? If you would respond to this mail (very unlikely as I am sure you have severl comments from your fans), you woule make me so happy. Congratulations to yourself and your wife for the Birth of your Son, Danielle. X

  8. Stuart, wow you are such a funny, great guy, miss you so much. Please the whole team come back soon. Oh & love watching your cousin Yvette putting you in the most scariest of places and running, screaming with fear, you sure made me jump over the years. Loved it when you and Karl would go in & start the ball rolling for a great scare. You are all true legends. xxx

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