The Ancient Ram Inn, Wooton-Under-Edge

Ancient Ram

The Ancient Ram Inn holds the distinction of being both an important historic building and reputedly the most haunted house in the UK.

The Ram dates back to the 11th century and claims the oldest window and ceiling of any house in the country. A working pub until the 1960’s, the house is now falling into disrepair.

The history of the site also has a sinister twist, it is believed it was built on an ancient burial mound, on an important ley line and is reported to have been witness to human sacrifice.

Amongst its alleged hauntings, the Ram claims the presence of a succubus, an entity though to be sexual in nature. The renamed Witches Room and Bishops Room have been witness to various encounters. The owner reports violent paranormal phenomena in recent times.

First Broadcast : 29th January 2005

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