Most Haunted Hall in the Wood, Bolton

Hall i’ th’ Wood

Hall i’ th’ Wood is an early 16th century manor house in Bolton, Greater Manchester . It is a Grade I listed building and is currently used as a museum by Bolton Metropolitan Borough Council.  The original building is timber framed and has a stone flagged roof; there were later additions to the house in 1591 and 1648 and these were built from stone. The house was the home of Samuel Crompton during the 18th century and was the place where he designed and built the first spinning mule.Hall i’ th’ Wood was bought by Lord Leverhulme in 1899 and was restored c1900. Leverhulme gave the house to the Corporation of Bolton in 1900.

Source: Wikipeda

First Broadcast : 18th November 2008

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  1. interested in the very wide cobbled roadway which leads from or to the hal; any ifo gratefully received! Thanks, SSl

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