Athelhampton Hall , nr Dorchester

 Athelhampton Hall

Athelhampton Hall near Dorchester dates back to the Middle Ages where it was home to the Martyn family for over 300 years until it fell into disrepair as a tenant farm. It was then restored back to its original state by The Cooks who have lived there ever since. History tells us of one of the Martyns daughters had a pet monkey which became shut in a secret passage and died of starvation. Stories of the ghost of the monkey scratching to get out are often heard. Also the ghost of a grey lady in the bedrooms and two ghosts who re-enact a duel in the great hall. The current occupiers are Patrick & Andrea Cook, Andrea has experienced the presence of the grey lady while tending her son in his cot.

Once in the property, Derek connects with the spirit of the dead monkey which the Cooks dog, Alfie, appears to see.

Derek becomes aware of the spirits of four ladies, one he identifies as the grey lady on a staircase to the bedrooms.

Whilst walking around upstairs the crew all hear a cot rocking, but nobody is in the bedroom!

In the chapel Derek picks up the prescence of Ralph Banks & George Wood. (History shows Sir Ralph Banks was the owner of the property in the 1600’s, while George Wood was the owner in 1800’s.

When entering the cellar the spirit of of a wine cooper is felt by Derek, who he identifies as ‘Jack’

The crew split into two groups – when the boys venture into the passageway where the monkey died, producer Karl feels something breathing on his ear…
Meanwhile Yvette, director Bev and Jason keep a vigil next to the cot and catch orbs on camera.

A point of particular interest during the investigation is when Derek gives the opinion the monkey did not die of starvation and did not suffer in anyway in the house.

First broadcast : 25th May 2002

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