Most Haunted Live 2005 : Terror At Torbay

The Most Haunted Team are spending the Weekend in South Devon at Torbay and Brixham. Famous for its history of smuggling from ships, as well as other dark goings on around the area. What will they find out as they explore the Lupton Hall, a house built in the late 1700’s? What disaster befell the Hall? And who are the spirits which refuse to leave?

Day 1 Lupton House, Brixham

Lupton House Brixham

Lupton House, now a school, was a seat of the Bullers for a time, and was rebuilt c. 1770. It has been gutted by fire and reconstructed in recent years

Day 2 The Globe Hotel, Brixham Heritage Museum, Smugglers Haunt

Day 3 Berry Pomeroy Castle

Berry Pomeroy

It is said that the ruins of this very old castle are among the most haunted in England…
It was built in the late 15th century by the Pomeroy family who first came to England during the times of the Norman invasion of England in 1066 and settled in Devon. In times of prosperity the Pomeroys were a very influential family with high social status and close friends with Royalty. They were also a family of Knights, Barons and Sheriffs of Devon. In troubled times they also rebelled against Royalty, were in debt for generations and avoided being hanged!
In 1547 the castle and mansion house were bought by the Seymour family who also settled in England after the Norman conquest. They too were a family of great wealth and social standing. Henry VIII, King of England married Jane Seymour. Also the boy Prince Edward VI was guarded by his uncle Edward Seymour until he came of age and inherited the throne.

After taking over the castle the Seymours embarked on a huge building project to transform it into one of the finest mansions in the south west of England. The entire mansion, uncompleted, was abandoned between 1688 and 1701 when the Seymours made their estate in Wiltshire their main home. After this time the castle and fine buildings were used by local folk who reclaimed building materials and by 1800 the entire site became a place where passers-by marvelled at the ruins and folklore stories abounded.

The castle and mansions that were built on the site were places of great activity and the lives of those families who resided there were varied indeed. The castle saw 19 generations of Pomeroys and 6 generations of Seymours… is it any wonder that the colourful lives of those who lived there were imprinted on the castle both physically, in legend and also in the spiritual realm?

First broadcast : 12th March 2005

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  1. This is my old school, I boarded here from 1071 to 1975, I so remember living there, and as a youngester would often feel the presence of someone or something, I also remember on many occasions going to the vault/safe, I had never encountered anything there, only in my dormitory and the grat front hall where Lord Churstons statue is.
    I really felt at home here.

  2. Please can you tell me what series is 2005 terror of torbay as i would like to buy it on DVD for my son. Thank you

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