Most Haunted Bamburgh Castle

Bamburgh Castle 

The impressive Bamburgh Castle located in Northumberland. With the backdrop of the North Seas Bamburgh Castle is a wonderful site to see. The nine acre site once formed a smaller timber construction, the Norman Keep dates back as far back as 1120, so many wars has been seen from this Castle, numerous people are associated with this Castle. Early in the 19th century a charitable trust went about to bring Bamburgh Castle back to its former glory. As a result the castle has since been a school, a World War Two HQ, and a hospital. The ghost of John Sharp who renevated the Castle has been seen walking in the gallery area, the ghost of a women has been seen in a particular room and the camera’s fail on a regular basis in the room. A soldier has been seen, and a baby heard crying, there is also a piano playing ghost. Visitors have felt terrified near the library room, they have also felt sick, dark shadows have also been seen around there, and people complain about being touched by unseen hands while looking at the pictures. During World war Two when the Castle was used as a hospital a young male patient shot and tragically killed himself, his figure has been seen at the bottom of the stairs, and cold spots have been felt, a cold hand has been felt by visitors trying to hold their hand, this all happens in the Tapestry Passage. Matthew Smith returns as the Parapsychologist. Gordon Smith is the Guest Psychic Medium.

First Broadcast: 19th September 2006

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