Hollywood American Legion Hall, Los Angeles

Hollywood Legion Hall

Description and Era:
– – The building was completed in 1929 and its architecture has been described as ‘Egyptian Revival-Moroccan Deco’.
– The building is a Los Angeles Registered Historical Landmark.
– The hall has always been an American legion post but was also the favourite haunted of local artists, film stars and politicians (including presidents).

-Humphrey Bogart was often seen and heard in the basement bar and many films and television commercials have been filmed here.
-In the memorial shrine bronze plaques show the names of members who have died, these names include Clark Gable and Gene Autrey.

Ghost ratings and Spooky experience:
– A helpful ghost is often seen by TV and film crews. He offers to help out with moving equipment and then vanishes.

Stage Area
– One of the staff used to be an actor and was practicing his ‘Julius Ceaser’ audition speech once late at night whilst on his own at the legion. He was standing on the stage and once he finished heard clapping from the auditorium – he fled the building.

Downstairs Bar
– A DJ (also a army veteran) was loading his stuff into the lift and twice saw an apparition. The first time he thought he was just tired, the second time the apparition was more opaque and said ‘Can I help you?’ he fled, leaving a note that he’ll never come back in the building. When Terry got there the DJ’s gear was strewn everywhere.
-Other visitors have heard loud, unexplained banging noises.

Atrium Room
– Two locals were there late at night and heard men and women’s laughter, although they were shocked they weren’t scared as it was fun laughter – as if the man was chasing the woman around the balcony.

First Broadcast: 20th September 2005

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