Sinai House

Sinai House

The house is made up of two buildings and is grade II listed, it is made up of Jacobean, medieval and 1700s building, half of the house now lies derelict but is under the process of being renovated.

The house as been used as different things, there is some circumstantial evidence it was once used as a Roman stronghold, in medieval times it was a court and trails were there, it was then given to the local abbey and the monks used it as a rest home. After the dissolution of the monasteries Henry VIII gave it the Paget family, and in 1605 the two separate buildings were joined to make it look more grand. The Paget family owned the house until the early 1900s when they sold it and it was converted to flats, the building was then condemned and it was used for pigs and hens. It is now a privately owned home.

The house is very well known and is a important historical site, and has it fair share of ghosts, many figures are said to have been seen, things are moved around and noises heard, and rumour has that a monk got a girl pregnant so he murdered her and her ghost is seen walking across the bridge over the moat.

First Broadcast: 11th October, 2005

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  1. Message for Yvette Fiedling. Sinai house is pronounced Sinai ( si ni ) & not Siniai , there is no I or e before the a.

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