The London Dungeons

London Dungeon

Name and location: London Dungeon, London

Description: This major tourist attraction is housed under some of the existing arches of the London and Greenwich Railway line. Twisting corridors and curving stone walls make this a suitably atmospheric location.

Era: The London and Greenwich Railway line was opened in 1836, and was London’s first passenger railway line and ran between London Bridge and Greenwich.

– There is very little actually written about the history of the building as it is today but it is has previously been used as a stable block, wine cellar and possibly an orphanage.

– London Bridge was built by the Romans in 43AD, with the construction of the first modern bridge starting in 1176.

– From 1212 The Hospital of St. Thomas The Martyr stood on the site of the dungeon. It was run by a mixed order of nuns and monks and provided shelter and treatment for the poor, sick and homeless.

– By the 17th Century the area around London Bridge – including Tooley Street – had become a popular place for bear, dog and cockfighting.

– During WWII this part of London was the most bombed place in Britain. The railway arches were used as air raid shelters but were themselves bombed in February 1941. Reports conflict as to how many people died, some say 64 others 300. It’s believed though that the bodies of many of the victims were never recovered and that they remain entombed in the arches to this day.
Ghost ratings:
– Shadowy figures have been seen throughout the dungeon

– A male figure dressed all in black is seen, who’s thought to have a really evil, negative presence. It’s speculated by some, that he’s ‘Jack the Ripper’ and that by recreating his murderous deeds for tourists his spirit and also the spirits of the prostitutes he murdered have been attracted to this part of the site.

– A member of staff has also seen a group of children playing ring-a-ring-o-roses in this area.

– In the ‘Pre-Plague’ area a man and two children are regularly seen but who then mysteriously disappear upon approach.

– The naked top half of a man has been seen apparently floating in the ‘London Bridge’ area.

– There is a mock operating table in the ‘Mortuary’ area which features two waxworks of men operating on a body. However, people have seen a phantom third man looking down at the body.
Spooky experiences:
– Doors open and close of their own accord.

– Waxworks change position when the dungeon is closed.

– People experience feelings of panic.

– Equipment stops and starts of its own accord.

– Unexplained lights have been seen within several areas of the dungeon.

– Unexplained whistling has been frequently heard in the ‘Boat Ride’ area of the dungeon.

– On the lower level of the ‘Mortuary’ area, people get the overwhelming feeling that they are being pushed out towards the opening doors if they are closed.

– The sound of crying has been heard in the ‘Jack The Ripper’ area.

– The ‘Stagecoach’ area provided one member of staff with staff with the unpleasant sensation of someone touching the back of her neck in here and refused to work in there ever again.

– In the Judges box, of the ‘Courtroom area an actor was tapped on the shoulder. The box is only reachable by some rickety stairs and there was definitely no-one else there.

 First Broadcast : 17th May 2005

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  1. i took 3 pictures of my 11 year old son in the big chair in the gift shop .all 3 pictures his face is distorted on the third picture there there is a large white light across the picture .my mother who lives in london says she took a picture at the same time and hers has an issue aswell

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