More New Locations For Most Haunted 2014 – Chester, Yorkshire, Northampton & Wales


Yvette Fielding has tweeted hints at more new locations for Most Haunted 2014 : Kidderminster, Chester, Yorkshire, Northampton, Sheffield & Wales

8th May 2014 – Off on Another Most Haunted adventure tonight. Pitch black,cold endless tunnels. I bet I get lost

1st May 2014 – Good morning world! Off on another Most Haunted investigation.I have to go it alone in an abandoned wing of haunted hall

30th April 2014 – Getting ready for another Most Haunted shoot. Filming new Most Haunted in Yorkshire. Need to name a new tea and call it something spooky.

25th April 2014 – I am taking cake and tea from Proper Tea Rooms to my investigation of a haunted location in Chester.

24th April 2014 – Getting excited already for Most Haunted shoot in Chester on Monday.

8th April 2014 – Off filming Most Haunted today! Sunny, spooky Sheffield here we come.

28th January 2014 – Packing for Wales. Spooky Fun with Boys from Bullet for my Valentine. Filming on Thursday….At location. What a place. Investigated before and couldn’t sleep for a while after.

9th December 2013 – Off to Northampton today to check out location for Most Haunted with The England Rugby team. Make sure it’s really scary. X

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10th May 2014 – Fred Batt posts photos from Drakelow Tunnels, Kidderminster

9th January 2014 – Northampton Chronicle disclose the Most Haunted location with England Rugby team was Delapre Abbey, Northampton

1st May 2014 – The Chester Chronicle confirm the Chester location is Olde King’s Head in Lower Bridge Street, Chester

June 2014 – Really confirm the Most Haunted location in Sheffield is The National Emergency Services Museum




3 thoughts on “More New Locations For Most Haunted 2014 – Chester, Yorkshire, Northampton & Wales”

  1. Great site, love the show to death (excuse the pun). Great team, have always wanted to participate in an episode / show – one day maybe!

    Was there an episode or live show on Halloween this year (2014)? If so, I missed it and cannot see it anywhere via On-Demand etc. 🙁

  2. I only actually found out it was coming back last night when I saw the trailer on REALLY. Good news, and it being available on Freeview is a bonus.

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