Most Haunted Live USA The Winchester House

The Winchester House, USA. First showing in the UK

Living TV Tuesday 12th February 2008 at 9pm

Join head investigator Yvette Fielding, spiritual medium David Wells, and the rest of the ‘Most Haunted Live’ team for the highlights of their 7-hour investigation. Armed with night-vision cameras, thermal-imaging devices and other paranormal investigation tools, the team will perform a thorough investigation of the mansion and attempt to communicate with the paranormal.

Their investigation will lead them into the basement, through secret passageways, and to the mysterious séance room where Sarah Winchester sought help from spirits to guide her vision to build what is now a 161-room estate. The architecture of the house – doors that lead to steep drop-offs; stairs that lead to ceilings; and a skylight built inside the house – will add an element of surprise.

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