Return Of Most Haunted Update – June 2013

Midsummer Murders with Yvette Fielding

A statement from Yvette Fielding on return of Most Haunted in Haunted Magazine Issue 6
To be fair up to now neither Karl nor I have ever said it is coming back, we have said that we are trying to bring it back and no one really knows how hard Mr B has been working to do that. He is constantly in meetings, talking to USA at all hours and rarely gets sleep; such is his commitment to it. Saying that we are now very close and hopefully will have some good news for you VERY soon.”

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  1. hey I love this show so much I hope its comes back If you guys do come back why don’t you set up web cams in the rooms the night before and leave them on too see if any think happens while no ones there. I love to be in this show 🙂

  2. If you do come back a great place to go to would be duff house and the grounds of duff house in Banff,Aberdeenshire there is supposed to be a lot of activity there

  3. When are you coming back Yvette and Karl,Kieran et al ? Knock once for this year, and twice for next. If i pop my clogs before you come back on our screens, be assured, i will find you, and give you a severe haunting! PS. Please tell Mr Wells, if he doesn’t come back with you, he can expect the same, with some seriously haunted nights, and I do a very good ‘Lady Bracknell’.so he should watch his earlobes.

  4. can we have an update please any news?? the last was in july its now november and no news its killing us fans we love the show and so do many millions. good luck and hope your on our tvs soon.

  5. Yvette Fielding my experience with souls is that if you let one in more
    will follow as the conversation grows, spend to much time with one
    you will get the very angry won e’s. I have learned to keep the conversation
    short and brief. I do share their visions of ghosts of other’s around me.
    I also share visions of the living as well when I’m at rest, not just near
    but also far away places. I do not recommend it, being tellapathic.

  6. I really do hope Most Haunted comes back to our screens. It was one of the best programmes on television. I run a Folk Club in a haunted pub and, yes, things have happened. I keep an open mind about such things so I do like to hear of investigations. So please bring it back

  7. Looking forward to the next series but is there any chance Kath could be left out. She really spoils it for me as she doesn’t stop screaming! Go back to the make-up Kath!

  8. I am so pleased to hear that your trying to bring the show back halloween has not been the same without the live shows, please bring back david wells he is the best medium you ever had on the show,look forward to seeing a new concept.

  9. Hi Margaret “there back” get yourself on facebook you will find the links here on this lovely site 😉


  10. Cant wait for the great return have been watching repeats since the series finished I was lucky enough to win first prize and went to most haunted live in Edinburgh had the greatest tkime of my life meeting all the crew jst cant wait for new series . How will we find out if nad when we can watch it xxx

  11. It would be brilliant if most haunted returned to our screens
    Have missed it and I have been watching the repeats on tv..

  12. I really was hoping for something this halloween, its been such a long time!!
    Really hope you are back soon! When you are, MAKE IT A BIG ONE!!!

  13. There are so many many fans of this show, it was just formatted brilliantly and the crew and cast we got to know and loved them. I think it would be such a waste if it wasn’t back on our screens and hopefully, fingers crossed it comes back in one way or another. I loved the live Halloween shows and its not the same without. We wait for the news…….

  14. Iv been a fan since it started-I hope it comes back bigger and better with the fab historian lady and the fab calm sceptic guy Okeffe but please please cut down on the screaming I will happily assist you and show u how too-nothing scares me I’m a single working mum with 3 kids-hard as nails 😉 lol good luck I hope it really comes to fruition soon fingers crossed team xx

  15. we are so glad you are returning to our screens been waiting for this for years we love this show ro o halloween love the crew bring back derek i sa haha we are the biggest fans ever feels lke a lifetime of waiting hury up back on tv we need more of this love it too bit,yvvete please do all you can to make a huge return. biggest fan ever since you have left me i have had a wonderful baby girl also she has had a 2 year old boy we are friends hoping for more of this clasic entertainment forever love it please do your best

  16. Smoke and motors no way in Hell will MH be back as much as I’d live to see them they burned too many bridges. No one will take a gamble on them anymore it sucks I know but facts are facts.

  17. I hope it is going to make a comeback but please please please leave Brian Shepherd behind..He is annoying,fake and does nothing for the MH profile…I would rather see Derek and Dr Phil giving each other filthy looks than Brian’s pathetic attempt at Mediumship and making everyone jump with his random screams of “Did you see that” and making Yvette jump out of her skin and Kath scream..

  18. Can’t wait for the new programme to start, I’m watching the repeats on ‘PICK TV’ at the moment.
    Hope the new programme has all the same team but shows more of David Wells.
    Always love to see Yvette being scared stiff

  19. Please come back your show was the best I never missed any. I’ve been to two most haunted live shows. When I heard it was coming back I almost wet myself so please come back.
    Carol Jones
    Number 1 fan.

  20. I genuinely don’t see how ANY television channel would not want to air this?? it would rake in millions of viewers. its entertainment and there is always that CHANCE something could happen. I really do fail to see how this program at Halloween would not be a huge success.

  21. Wow that would be fantastic to see you all back on our screens, its not the same without you , and miss those fab live shows….come back to scare us to death again !!!!!!!!!

  22. I would welcome the return of MH. But please keep it more serious, I know Kath is your friend and a lovely lady but I turned off whenever she started her screaming and hysterics. Don’t use Derek A again as it was proved he is too much of a fake

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