Ian John Shillito

Ian Shillito

Guest Psychic Medium Series 8

Ian John Shillito, aged 38, now lives in central London but was orginally from Braintree in Essex. He studied art for four years and was a goth in the 80’s!!!! He worked as a stage manager in west end of London for 17 years.

For the last two years he has been working as a psychic medium. He had many psychic encounters as a child although didnt he really pay too much attention to them.
His sister Tina is a medium and other sister Justine is big sceptic – so it leads to some very interesting dinner table converstions.
His nana- read tea leaves and so did her mum.. Ian has just completed a book about the haunted theatres of the west end with co-author and medium Becky Walsh and is currently compling a new book about residual energy.
He also runs the UK’s first ever gay psychic circle

He is the first psychic to be buried alive on national television in an experiment to discover whether a psychic can pick up on residual energy deep within the earth. During Living TV’s Most Haunted Live investigation of Portsmouth, Ian and director/producer Karl Beattie were buried in a coffin under 3 tonnes of soil in the haunted moat of Southsea Castle for 2 hours.

Our thanks goes to Ian for providing Tribute To Most Haunted with this biography and we wish him every success above and below ground!

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  1. What do you think about remote viewers being able to see alien activity rather than spirits whilst viewing in a deep state of meditation whilst looking from the 4th dimension?.

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