Most Haunted Romania

âşnov (IPA: [‘rɨʃ.nov]; German: Rosenau; Hungarian: Barcarozsnyó) is a town in Braşov County, Romania with a population of under 16,000.

It is located at about 15 km from the city of Braşov and about the same distance from Bran, on the road that links Wallachia and Transylvania.

Its name is derived from Slavic “žrŭnovy”, meaning (village or valley) “of the mill”. In 14th century, German documents used the name Rasnov, but the modern German name, Rosenau, is based on a popular etymology, being influenced by the German word “Rose”.

In Râşnov a citadel was built around the year 1215 by the Teutonic Knights and it was mentioned for the first time in 1331. The citadel was conquered only once in its history, around the year 1600 by Gabriel Báthory.

There is a myth attached to Râşnov Fortress. During a particularly long siege of the fortress, the citizens of Râşnov were concerned about the lack of available fresh drinking water. Luckily, two Turkish soldiers, having been captured earlier, were put to the task of digging a well in the centre of the fortress. These two men were assured that they would be given their freedom once the well was completed. According to local legend, it took them 32 years to finish the well, but they were still killed afterwards. This famous well still sits in the centre of Râşnov Fortress, and is 143 metres deep.

Part One

The team travel to Romania to explore the ancient ruins of a fortress in Râsnov, Transylvania which dates back to the 1300s. On Night One the team focus on the Viewing Gallery, the Museum, the streets of the fortress and the Skeleton Room.

Part Two

On the second night of their investigation at Râşnov the team venture 200ft into a well, fabled for being built by two Turkish soldiers who were captured and spared death to build it. It took them 32 years to complete it, yet they were still killed for their efforts. Will the team uncover any ghostly truths behind the myth and, more importantly, will they manage to get out of the well again?

First Broadcast: 3rd April 2007 / 10th April 2007


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