The Manor House, County Durham

The Manor House 

Originally a farmers’ dwelling, it is now a hotel and country club.

The Manor House was built between the 15th and 16th centuries.

Bloody history:
The Manor House has had a quiet history. It passed from owner to owner throughout the years, and may even have been a convent or court house for the local area. In 1914, the local vicar, Reverend Lomax, converted the Manor to an orphanage.

Ghost ratings:
Room six is haunted by a young boy, who can be heard crying and looking for this mother. The owner’s young son claims to speak to this spirit, and says the ghost boy is about five years. And upstairs it has been reported that the ghost of a lady – nicknamed Betty by the hotel staff – wanders around looking for her young son!

A large man has been seen in Room Seven.

Spooky experiences:
When the hotel owners held a spooky night, a medium claimed that a murder had been committed room 8 – where a presence of a man has often been felt.

Many people claim to have experienced random cold spots throughout the property.

The ghosts of more than one child have been spotted by the owner’s son throughout the house.

Some visitors reported having felt strange feelings of being followed, or watched.

On more than one occasion, the smell of tobacco smoke has filtered through room 4 at 3am…although no-one was smoking at the time.

Staff claim they’ve seen objects float across the room.

First Broadcast : 27th April 2004

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