Drakelow Tunnels

drakelow tunnels

Drakelow Tunnels are spread over 285,000 square feet. Originally constructed for use by Rover in WWII under the Ministry of Aircraft Production’s Shadow Factory Scheme, the tunnels were mainly used for machine workshops and additional storage for Rover.

After WWII the tunnels got a second lease of life during the Cold War where the Government took control of the site as a Regional Seat of Government (RSG) in case of a nuclear attack. Less than a half of the site was converted for use during the Cold War period, where new rooms and equipment were installed.

The RSG would accommodate important local and national government personnel as well as the armed forces and a small amount of medical staff

In the 1980’s the Government refurbished many parts of the nuclear side although this was short lived as the site was sold off in the early 1990’s when the Cold War had ended.

During the construction of Drakelow there have been 6 rumoured deaths. From roof collapses to fatal human error.  Most hauntings in the tunnels 1-4 are connected with their traumatic and tragic deaths.

There have been many reports of experiences of activity by the visitors and more recent workers inside the tunnels.

The presence of a worker who died during its construction is still known to move objects.

It was reported that whilst the current caretaker of the site was working in the nuclear side, his dogs were barking in the corner of one room. When the caretaker came to see what was happening, he saw no reason for the commotion.

The same caretaker has had the feeling of being watched in the complex.

What will the new Most Haunted Team unearth at the nuclear bunker ?


Source: http://www.drakelow-tunnels.co.uk/

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