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Paranormal Investigation Live

(2 x 3 hours – 30th and 31st October 2010)

Entertainment channel LIVING announces a two-part Halloween special: Paranormal Investigation Live in which two competing teams of paranormal investigators delve into supernatural activity at a secret location, revealed to them only at the start of the show, over the most haunted weekend of the year. Working with radically different tools and techniques, the teams will go head-to-head in an attempt to undercover true evidence of the paranormal.

Paranormal Investigation Live is produced by STV Productions, and presented by top journalist Naga Munchetty who most recently hosted BBC2’s Working Lunch. Our skeptical host is joined by history and parapsychological experts, who will evaluate the evidence with a cool scientific eye.

The two teams pitted against each other in this Halloween special could not be more different. IMPACT is a group that uses tried-and-tested approaches such as Ouija boards, alongside more “new age” techniques like dowsing. In contrast, The Ghostfinder Paranormal Society (GPS) is committed to the use of scientific techniques and technology for paranormal investigation – including Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP).

Paranormal Investigation Live continues LIVING’s decade-long association with the paranormal. It will take a serious, rigorous and investigative approach, encouraging fans to support the show and contribute to the content themselves.

Users will be encouraged to submit their own evidence; be it images, audio or video, as well as support – and debunk – other users’ evidence, the best of which will be featured on the live show itself.

The show and website (http://www.paranormalinvestigationlive.co.uk/) make the most of existing social networks Facebook, YouTube and Twitter to capitalise on the massive fan base behind other existing LIVING shows.

Living TV Group’s Commissioning Executive, Alex Ayling said: “The home of paranormal is pushing things further than ever before with Paranormal Investigation Live. We will bring a whole new level of rigour and scientific scrutiny to this hugely popular genre. The show should prove to be not only a scary watch for those brave enough to tune in, but with the features on our fantastic website, will also deliver a fantastic two-screen experience.”

STV Productions Series Producer Mike Morrissey said: “We are very excited about the live show and feel that it will take the genre to the next level, and increase the scare factor that fans and skeptics tune in for.”

Paranormal Investigation Live was ordered by Living TV Group’s Head of Commissioning Mark Sammon and Commissioning Executive Alex Ayling. Mike Morrisey is Series Producer for STV Productions.

The Paranormal Investigation Live Team


Naga Munchetty
The only experience Naga has had with spirits in her career so far is through mixing the occasional cocktail, but as the host for Paranormal Investigation: Live she is willing to keep an open mind as to what might unfold over the course of the weekend.

With a background in financial journalism and a television career including reporting for Channel 4 News and co-presenting BBC’s Working Lunch, only the facts and hard evidence will convince sceptic Naga of anything paranormal. Used to grilling Chief Executives and Fund Managers of big companies during the economic downturn, Naga’s not going to hold back if either team’s evidence is not up to standard on the night.

Naga gets job satisfaction by making sure that viewers have the best information available before making up their minds, so both teams are really going to have their work cut out for them during their investigations!

The Spiritualists
IMPACT are led by best friends Anthony & Paul, who together with Chloe and Olga are an open-minded investigation team who decided to take their passion for the paranormal one step further and go on the hunt for ghosts.

Preferring a more traditional approach, IMPACT use a range of spiritualist techniques, from Ouija boards and trigger objects to crystal scrying and table tipping. After hundreds of investigations up and down the country, the team have experienced and captured on tape a number of strange occurrences which cannot be explained.

Paul Hobday
After growing up in an apparently haunted house, it seemed only natural that Paul would end up with a keen interest in the paranormal. After participating in a number of organised ghost hunts with Anthony, the pair eventually struck out on their own to create IMPACT in the search for solid evidence of the supernatural.

Paul has investigated many of the most haunted locations around the UK and despite experiencing an incredible amount of unexplained activity still keeps an open mind.

Anthony Hughes
Anthony has been a fan of the spooky and unknown for as long as he can remember, and what started out as a hobby has now turned into an incredible journey, as Anthony and IMPACT look for the truth behind paranormal phenomena.

A natural sceptic, Anthony tests his nerve by watching scary movies but is prepared to put himself on the line both physically and mentally for the team’s paranormal experiments. He is always on the lookout for that crucial piece of evidence and won’t be the first person to shout “Ghost!” until he has ruled out every possibility.

Olga Semenova
Originally from the Ukraine, Olga’s interest in the paranormal started through watching scary movies as a child. It was through meeting the other members of IMPACT at a self-defence class that Olga could take her interest to the next level and have her own supernatural experiences on the group’s ghost hunts.

Chloe Hodder
Despite participating in a number of investigations, Chloe claims to not have been scared by anything the team have experienced, which probably makes her the most fearless member of IMPACT.

Chloe is fascinated by the unknown and is drawn to the investigative potential of the paranormal. She is always on the lookout for new and incredible technological advances to unearth possible evidence of the paranormal, but is open to debating other theories to explain the unexplained

G.P.S is the UK’s #1 paranormal investigation society. Using the latest in ghost hunting technology Barri, Laura, Matt and Phil have investigated haunted locations across the country and help people understand what seems like paranormal activity.

Coming from a variety of backgrounds, this highly skilled team are dedicated to finding the answers behind paranormal phenomena with their cutting edge technology and techniques, such as Infrared Thermal Scanners, EMF detectors and Air Ion Counters. Only tangible results and unfettered evidence will cut it with the G.P.S.

Barri Ghai
Ghost hunting is a full time job for Barri, who is the founding director and Operations Manger of the Ghostfinder Paranormal Society.

It was a number of scary supernatural experiences as a child which set Barri on the path to the paranormal, who has witnessed apparitions, heard his name whispered when he was alone and seen stones thrown by unseen forces. He remains intrigued as to what was behind these events and is experimenting with new equipment and research methods as he searches for the answers to paranormal activity.

Phil Measey
Phil is the lead investigator with G.P.S, having conducted hundreds of vigils in some of the UK’s most haunted locations, as well as a number of private homes and businesses.

During his time as a ghost hunter Phil cannot explain some of the things he has seen and experienced. Armed with a whole host of technology including his trusty K2 reader, Phill records various phenomena which could be evidence of spirits trying to make contact.

Laura McKeown
Fascinated by a spooky story her mum told her as a child, Laura has been on the hunt to see a ghost of her own ever since. After a long day at the bakery where she works, come the night time Laura can’t wait until her next supernatural experience as a Trainee Paranormal Investigator at night with the G.P.S.

Paranormal activity is a big part of Laura’s life and she is determined to find answers not just for herself but for other fellow supernatural enthusiasts.

Matt Watkins
Don’t be alarmed if Captain Jack Sparrow appears from the shadows during the live investigation, for it’s just G.P.S’s technical manager Matt, who also happens to be a Jack Sparrow impersonator!

Matt joined the G.P.S after they investigated strange happenings at his local pub, and says the experience changed his life forever. Although he admits he has been scared by his own shadow in the past, he has seen things during vigils which he cannot explain and prefers to experiment with technology such as the Ovilus which potentially allow interaction with spirits from the other side

135 thoughts on “About Paranormal Investigation Live – Living TV”

  1. I have seen a ghost in broad daylight as a person and it helped me. Also heard and seen others. Have adresses and would like to tell you about them if you would like to know, please get in touch. Lee Hull, Norwich

  2. My wife loves your programme, followed it for many years. But is now really fed up with Kath screaming at the slightest thing. She knows she is going to scream, so why go, and spoiling the programme for others who enjoy it. Incidently, i have heard ghosts,true. And so did my friends a number of times. And we dont believe.

  3. Living I love most haunted bring it back its the best part about halloween 🙂 shame on YOU !!!!!!

  4. Just watching my MH box sets. My tears are flowing and I am still in mourning. Have recently been convinced however that the latter programmes were faked but still I believe in the earlier episodes. If you check out Yvette on “Ghosthunting with…..” you will see her that fear has now gone. Proof positive I think that her screams on MH were fake. Shame on you Yvette.

  5. i do miss most hunted me and my partner rented a house we was there fore 6 months we had to get out we had ghosts inthe house we had to move with kids one ghost tryed to drag me out of bed we had the baby in the bed room the door slamed shut would not open

  6. and can i be a guest sometime on your show maybe.i know some very scary haunted places,around sheffield especially my mums back bedroom….DARE I SAY IT TOP RATINGS,

  7. hi, ive been watching most haunted for a few years now,it has been most entertaining,I must admit i am a part time sceptic in believing in ghosts ,spirits.Although i will tell you i was in a situation some years back when i lived at my mums house that i experienced something that would makeyour hair curl. I wish that most haunted could have chosen fans and sceptics out of the public domain to have been a guest on the show,at least a time or two.For people to believe in spirits and ghosts and to prove to the sceptics now and again.Most haunted could have randomly picked someone to be on the show,and i believe that Most haunted could be BIGGER and BETTER than even before..
    The reason for me messaging you today is that years ago when i lived at my mothers house\not to far away from where i live now.,
    Ihad an almighty experience whilst laid in my bed,over a few years i have told the story to friends and other family and it is very hard to prove what i had experienced.I belive my mothers back bedroom is very much haunted.
    It is very frustrating to sit and watch most haunted sometimes to wonder if it is set up for the reactions you see on screen,or maybe that is me the part time sceptic.I hope from my post that i will recieve some feedback from most haunted and the show can go on fora long time to come.I must say though it is a show that can adapt to a whole lot more than even the show you have now..
    I live near sheffield ..I can take you to places that would make your hair curl..i live near sheffield and there is no end of places round here that would curl the toes..Most people i talk to about Most hanted are sceptics or they dont believe,bottom line.what i know and what ive seen would make your hair grey and fall out …So what im trying to say is your show could go on more and more with more foresight…goodluck and thanks for reading my post.

  8. new show had no humour karl and stuart should start a new showcalled ksi (karl and stuart investigation ) with well known guests

  9. NOOOOOOOoooooooo! come on bring back the best…. MH worked. Its just not going to happen without Yvette and the team.

  10. Certainly wish you would consider bringing most haunted back and soon please. The latest show at Halloween was a complete waste of time and agree was boring. Beautiful venue but needed Yvette, Karl ane the rest to do it justice.
    Will not watch this again.

  11. paranormal investigation live one word sums this show up boring,i know its all about proving life after death exists but this show was lifeless need someone to check the investigation teams were not already dead bring yvette,karl,and the entire Most Haunted team back asap to bring life back to a true paranormal invesigation.

  12. I found PIL ok to watch – pretty much how a proper investigation with no “dramatics” would go I should imagine. Where is the feedback though? Nothing said as to whether the information that came through on the ouija had any factual truth or not. Was anything captured on evp? Could do with a “reveal” as on Ghost Hunters. After watching the 2 nights we were just left dangling!

  13. I always thought that MH suffered from lack of identity of whether it was an entertainment programme or a serious go at finding the paranormal. However, I blame Living TV for this as after a while MH became stale and Living TV appeared to lose control of what the show was doing.

    For me, I really liked the idea of PIL especially having a show of psychic -v- scientific, and loved the facebook and twitter discussions.

    However, I feel PIL cast the wrong people. I understand that people can be nervous for a new show but the people looked completely shell shocked and considering the cost it probably took to make the show, it was a complete let down. I did enjoy watching the GPS team who seemed to want to get stuck in and at least had some personality and came over as likeable. Team Impact lacked charisma, personality and were dull to watch. Constantly going on about how cold it was (considering it was October and raining) just sets UK paranormal investigation back to before MH and then some. Consider airing PIL in the USA next to TAPS and Ghost Hunters and we must appear a bit of a laughing stock. Naga also could not seem to get a sentence right and lacked any kind of warmth or personality.

    I did enjoy GPS’s experiments but would like Team Impact to have done more Victorian methods of paranormal investigation.

    I do feel that if they get the people right they could have the makings of a great show. Whatever they choose to do I hope they listen to the audience and the comments that have been made.

  14. Paranormal investigation – what a load of rubbish – please bring back Carl and crew, these guys were more dead than the ghosts they were trying to find, I found it very boring and the presenters fronting it – where did you dig them up from? I will not be watching this any more

  15. Oh well, Now I can cancel my SKY subscription and go to FREEVIEW HD, this was the last subscription channel stopping me from switching.
    Thank you Living for saving me £500 a year (might buy a box set).Boo Hoo

  16. What a complete load of rubbish! Have been watching most haunted since it started – please bring it back!!! I can’t believe what a bore this new show was and how terrible the investigators were! I would rather watch paint dry!!!

  17. Sorry, I gave it a go. Watched both nights all the way through and got quite bored. Very amaturish, nothing eventful happened, not even a bump! As much as I am a big Most Haunted fan though, it makes you wonder as so much happens in their programs, whether they maybe just fake it a little bit? As I say I’m a big fan of mh, but it does make you wonder……..

  18. I switched Paranormal Investigation off after 20 mins as it was a load of c*ap! Come on Living, wake up and listen to what the fans are telling you, we all loved Most Haunted and the team and this Program put you (living tv) on the map and they deserve to be treated with some respect!!!

    Yevette, Karl and the rest of the team, I love you.

  19. What a load of rubbish! Me and my boyfriend fell asleep it was soooooo BORING!! We won’t bother watching it ever again!!!

  20. Like most people i was upset and gutted when i heard that most haunted was no more, but when Living Tv announced P I L for halloween 2010 i thought great , but oh what a load of rubbish the programme was it was boring beyond belief. I think the people who put the programme on sould be shot, it was a total waste of air time. So come on living or any channel please please bring back MOST HAUNTED.

  21. i watched both sat and sun and thought it was so boring.i fell a sleep through the second half of sat.its rubbish just get in somewhere and go finding ghosts, stop talking about it and just do it.all you need is 4 people 4 camras and a spooky place.then shout out is anybody there and go for it.THESE SHOWS WERE BORING id love to do one and show them what i mean.

  22. What a load of crap thank fk i sky+ it total cac.
    Most entertaining part was in the forrest one twat remarks whats that noise there is something moving out ther no normal animal would be out in the dark at this time of the night 9oclock in the dark lmao what a bunch of fking assholes living included.
    MHL must return in the name of, cant believe i am saying this SANITY.
    Come on living sort it out and bring back mhl it is a good show also bring back David Wells.

  23. Oh dear, i was so looking forward to P I L , Most Haunted seemed to have run out of steam after 10 years and a new show seemed exciting. However, after having watched 6 hours of boring chit chat between the members of each group, i actually cried, i was so dissappointed. The idea of the show is great, but the presenter had no personality, she seemed professional, but i missed the character of the show that Most Haunted had. Dear Leslie, Yvette, Karl and even silly screaming Cath at least brought some interest, even if their vigils were not alway upto scratch, they brought fun with a twist of spookyness that we all loved. I hope that Living TV keep going with a show along the same lines as P I L , but change the memberws of the teams, maybe bring bac a couple of the folks from MH to liven things up a bit

  24. What a load of Tosh , was most disappointed with PIL .. bring back most Haunted .. at least it was entertaining .

    PLEEEASE COME BACK! This new programme is UTTER RUBBISH!!! Bring back Carl, Yvette, Kieren and Stu…. PLEASE… YOU HAVE TO COME BACK xxxxxx

  26. Tried to book for the stage show in The Lowry Theatre Salford for August It was cancelled, no reason given. They had probably been found out like D Acorrah was. A load of good acting and money in the bank. Miss guided TV Companies and people like us looking for something to latch onto. Oh well, back to the Simpsons.

  27. What are you doing and what were you thinking Living ?? Am sooooooooo bored watching this new show. The teams seem disorganised and dont really know what to say or do and the presenter, well sorry, not alot of personality there. Bring back Yvette ,Julian and Paul , at least they were all passionate about the programme .

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