Chris Conway Quit Most Haunted

Chris Conway

Chris Conway has quit Most Haunted and published a very ‘direct’ statement on his website.

An excert:

I’d like to start by thanking you guys for all the love and support you have given me since the start of my Most Haunted adventure 🙂 However, I feel I can no longer continue as Most Haunted resident medium. I appreciate the chance given to me to work in television and I plan to continue to do so in some other show.

I had the decision to make between fame/money V’s My beliefs and principles. I won’t go into details but I couldn’t be a part of something I didn’t trust. Too many things were happening contrary to what I was picking up or at times picking up no spirit activity at all.

I thought it wrong to agree with the fans criticisms of the show while picking up a pay cheque from Antix Productions. I feel that we were either the luckiest paranormal investigation group in the world or the tapping’s, stone throwing etc wasn’t paranormal. This is of course my opinion and is in no way any accusation of fraud on my part. My decision was made for me when I realised that on receiving my call sheet on a Friday the venue was being written on it for this series. I am strongly against any advanced knowledge of where I’m investigating (unless it is made clear I know). I opened the files and looked up my hotel whilst having to ignore the rest of my call sheet. This meant I felt like I wasn’t fully involved.

I also feel that I wasn’t involved enough in the actual investigations. If I didn’t manage to pick up all the information in the first 15 minutes I’d lost my chance. Even bringing stuff through at the hub wasn’t being aired. This I felt was not fair on myself or the fans.

The full statement can be read at :

We shall await a response or official press release to this


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