Chris Conway Quit Most Haunted

Chris Conway

Chris Conway has quit Most Haunted and published a very ‘direct’ statement on his website.

An excert:

I’d like to start by thanking you guys for all the love and support you have given me since the start of my Most Haunted adventure 🙂 However, I feel I can no longer continue as Most Haunted resident medium. I appreciate the chance given to me to work in television and I plan to continue to do so in some other show.

I had the decision to make between fame/money V’s My beliefs and principles. I won’t go into details but I couldn’t be a part of something I didn’t trust. Too many things were happening contrary to what I was picking up or at times picking up no spirit activity at all.

I thought it wrong to agree with the fans criticisms of the show while picking up a pay cheque from Antix Productions. I feel that we were either the luckiest paranormal investigation group in the world or the tapping’s, stone throwing etc wasn’t paranormal. This is of course my opinion and is in no way any accusation of fraud on my part. My decision was made for me when I realised that on receiving my call sheet on a Friday the venue was being written on it for this series. I am strongly against any advanced knowledge of where I’m investigating (unless it is made clear I know). I opened the files and looked up my hotel whilst having to ignore the rest of my call sheet. This meant I felt like I wasn’t fully involved.

I also feel that I wasn’t involved enough in the actual investigations. If I didn’t manage to pick up all the information in the first 15 minutes I’d lost my chance. Even bringing stuff through at the hub wasn’t being aired. This I felt was not fair on myself or the fans.

The full statement can be read at :

We shall await a response or official press release to this


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  1. i really enjoyed watching chris conway he is the only medium i felt had a passion about what he was doing and he is so right to walk who do they think they are mediums are very gifted people and can give you information that uplifts you if you beleive most haunted has had its time its dated there are too many good paranormal shows on well good luck chris i think your amazing and very good at your job x

  2. I have been watching the most recent series of ‘MH’ on Pick Tv. This is where I have got hooked. So, I have never seen Chris on any programme at all or David Wells.

    However, I do believe that Derek Acorah really hammed thing up. His posessions were totally laughable and tantamount to making a mockery of the craft of mediumship. I do believe that a lot of the ‘poltergiest’ activity is total spiffle. Also, the constant ‘confrontations’ of the entities by crew members, who then become scared, really annoys me.

    I think Yvette is genuine enough in her leadership of the franchise… she has surrounded herself by idiots. I am saying this from only watching the series that Acorah is in.

    I say all this from the point-of-view of someone who comes from a family of natural mediums. I myself have experienced countless ‘happenings’ and ‘atmospheres’. But, its like my mother once said to me when I asked her how it felt when a real force was near you “You’re not scared at the time… it’s only afterwards when you have time to think about it.” Years into my adulthood I aggree with her wish advice.

    So, if the od bring another series of MH back… please do make it properly real. No comedians and no scaredy cats. What makes a story more believeable and scarier is a candid person relaying their experience.

    Good luck and best wishes to Chris, although I have never seen or heard of you. Someone, who makes a choice on ethical and principalled grounds has my utter respect.


  3. This is the first time I have been on this site and it was to leave a message for David Wells as we down here in NZ are so behind in this series and we are not getting all of them in sequence either, I do remember seeing Chris on 1 show and that is all we have seen of you down here but I just want to thank you for being honest about the show and what is really going on, and I congradulate you on sticking to your principal’s and putting your beliefs ahead of fame and fortune a big thank you for that. Sorry I didn’t get to see more of you on the show

  4. Oh, I’d ttoally visit too. The paranormal museums sound so neat. I think I could spend hours in a place like this just looking around. Glad you enjoyed the post and thanks for stopping by.

  5. most Haunted had to be THE MOST BORING SHOW! Regardless of the so called psychic/medium. Yvette is a foul mouthed troll who was obviously faking everything from feeling sick to feeling cold spots. With the amount of expletives being beeped out, the show was one entire B-E-E-E-P! I only watched it if nothing else was on. Certainly not a fan… The entire show was a huge joke and a waste of time! Best word to describe it is, PATHETIC.

  6. Gail thats a good idea, bring back MH and do normal everyday peoples houses, people that are genuinely scared and think they,r homes may be haunted, cut the size of the crew drasticly ( well you cant traipse 30 odd people over somebodys shagpile ) I seen a woman on This Morning few weeks ago who has a poltergiest, MH could always start there if they,r stuck for willing participates lol

  7. I was sorry to see Chris go, but glad he made that decision. As nothing should make you chose between your beliefs and principles.
    I loved MH when it first started, but started going off it quickly due to all the, shushing from yvette, the fakery, screaming, possessions etc.
    I am also led to believe that for the 1 hour footage on TV they have to shoot for about 3 days.
    I go on ghost hunts regularly and can happily say that although we experience things its nothing like MH and I know that what I experience is real.
    I wish Chris all the very best in his new venture which is starting in September and hope to see him soon. Good Luck Chris x x x

  8. I was very sad to learn that Most Haunted had been cancelled. Okay it had its problems with fakers at beginning but it had redeemed itself later on. It was an intriguing show and gave you food for thought, whatever your beliefs. I am not so thrilled with its replacement.

  9. i have watched most haunted from the beginning, and although their was very little paranormal, It was actually more scary, because it was somehow believable, but now its tables jumping, things being thrown across the room, bangs, ppl being hit, you name it, its happening, and no one looks scared, WHY? i would be absolutely terrified!!!, i agree with many coments here- one being yvette telling ppl to shush, when all she does is talk, scream, and make a racket, its hard to hear anything while shes babbling on, so yes yvette please shut up!!!, let the viewers hear it themselves, as for lesley smith, god she thinks she knows it all, and doesnt, sorry chris has gone, but i agree he wants it real, and not for entertainment purposes,chris, and david wells was the only believable mediums, derek acorah, well he was more of a comedian, than a medium, he had us all in stitches when he got taken over by a dog!!! it still has me laughing now, but i dont wish him any malice he kept us defo entertained, bring back most haunted, where yvette had to be alone, they were the best!!!! but good luck to the series, as i still purchase their dvds, bring a dvd series of haunted houses, just normal houses and not castles etc, that would be worth a watch x

  10. i hope msot haunted is back soon more scray and more deeper in witchcraft and more black magic miss the lot off you x.x.x

  11. What ever sarah you will never convince us true beleivers the best paranormal show on tele was MOST HAUNTED.shame about chris hope you are happy with what ever you are doing.If and when M H comes back can we have david wells missed him hope to see you all soon xxxxxx

  12. Oh my god all along i have said this programme was a big fat FAKE they all made alot of money from it and had all of you fooled. I did a oouiji board once and that i can’t explain.BUT most haunted was just so over the top does nobody ever remember Yvette Fielding doing a halloween programme years ago that she said was real? then after the show she sid it wasn’t real the same here two many things happening Derek Acora hes the same and i was dragged to two of his medium shows the 2nd one everyone heckled him off stage and everyone just talked away he was angry and just kept looking at his watch. Paranormal activity 2 makes this show look good it wont be missed you all wer CONNED BIG TIME!!!!!!!!!! LOL

  13. Sorry to see Chris go. David Wells was brilliant but Brian Shepherd got on my nerves the way he shouted and made everyone jump-c**p. Cath is always getting touched on the head or legs or her coat grabbed-its too obvious love!! Lesley is nuts! Can’t stand her. I,ve LOVED MH from the beginning and bought all their dvds but its going downhill. The only people I like were David Wells, Ciaran and Yvette in small doses….think its about time they called it a day..bye!

  14. Oh man, you are my very favorite medium that came to the show. I have always been skeptical of the others. Especially Derek Accorah. I can’t believe you’ve gone. I hope the next one is as good and honest as you. Much love and hope for a happy life, you will be missed.

  15. I watch the programmes with an air of open-mindedness. I do believe that there are “goings-on” after death, but tappings etc dont seem to prove anything to me… I enjoy watching the work of Brian Sheppard, as he does seem to get a response from the enviroment. Leslie Smith??? Why can’t you get a historian that doesn’t seem to pout at Paul Ross? Cath? Tvs unluckiest make up girl…. how many times has she been “attacked” or picked out by these “spirits”??? As I said, I do enjoy the programme; its just recently, that I feel its turning into an episode of Scooby Doo!!!

  16. I liked Chris I must say, but i felt he either didnt fit in with them or more like never seemed to get the chance to speak!! I do like and watch the show bt I like the mediums input also, especially with lots of info!! I did not like Carl’s snide comments on the latest live in Prague about using Prague’s local mediums because they totally believed in their work and were not trying to “promote themselves”!!! He said this at least three times that I heard. What a dig! Doubt they’ll have any willing mediums wanting to work now. I don’t know why but I do find Lesley funny… maybe its because I am fairly local to her and was once her husband’s PA?? lol!!!

  17. totally agree with u freddie! sad to see chris go he did seem to be left in the hub alot. i enjoyed watching m.h with david wells. he knew his stuff,had a laugh and also would often get ‘spooked’ himself. leslie is a very good historian however falls apart during the vigils! Nobody seems to mention Cath Howe. She has got so brave! Please team, ditch ur noisy jackets! What with Yvettes sshushing then hearing all your jackets rustling full on your mikes we cant hear a thing!!

  18. If the team spent less time on pointing the camera at themselves it could be a good programme also if people have to apologise for screaming all the time, get another job

  19. I did enjoy watching chris – it’s a shame he feels mistreated. Maybe his personality wasn’t strong enough to make an impression – a big ask!! Please bring back David Wells! He’s easily been the best medium and the crew really seemed to respect him. Totally love MH but getting a bit fed up with Karl over-reacting all the time. Sorry! xx

  20. I thought Chris Conway was rubbish, he is obviously using his time with MH to futher his career.Bring back David Wells or Brian Shepard, they were both very good. I’d like to know aswell why the Live Tour was cancelled . Very disappointed about being let down. I for one LOVE Lesley Smith she is bonkers! And I Love Yvette, she is the true star of the show. Good riddance to Chris.

  21. i am quite sad to see chris go and i do agree that he was left in the hub on numerous ghost hunts and it did feeel like he was being ignored but i am sure there are two sides to the story any way i still love the show and i hope things will get sorted out soon X

  22. I myself have stopped watching most haunted it’s so false with carl and Stuart throwing things, and cath the weasel screaming and leslie who does she think she is. Go back to blue peter yvette

  23. get a grip such is life things change all the time chris conway hardly had time to catch breath and suddenly he is in a new show ! he never really fitted in in my opinion and thats all it is my opinion were all entitled to one and thats not a negative jibe at chris maybe he was not suited to such a forum it will be interesting to see the new show but then again because its new he can make it what he wants. for anyone else who is now against mh its simple dont watch they will never run out of followers with true fans

  24. it is ashame chris has gone he was brill,the show is going downhill,yvette gets on my nerves telling everyone to shut-up and be quiet,it is starting to make me think if it is real or not,why have mediums if they dont use them,i am watching more ghost hunters and ghost adventures and they are real.i

  25. was sad to hear chris left mh,buttt saing that he states: the team are very lucky as they things happening, or they dont really happen.. you watch ghost hunters or ghost adventures and every wk they have things happen…so id still give them a chance,even to i get p***ed off with it all somethimes

  26. its more like the yvette show she tells everyone to be quiet then just keeps on talking I am looking forward to finding out my self when chris dose a hunting he should make his own program

  27. Ive been a big fan of the show , but im slowly losing faith. . . Who the hell is this Leslie Smith ? I cant stand her . . . Cant she leave instead of all these mediums . . Bring back David Wells.

  28. Martin what a ridiculous thing to say, Chris has actually been present when the show was being filmed you on the other hand are like myself and every other viewer….. just that a viewer! I have watched since the beginning but you have to remember above all else that the show is for entertainment purposes. Spirits do not perform on cue and im sure they dont think hmmmmm its coming up to midnight better make this good. I am a massive fan of Kiaran and I hope that he isnt part of the big game but at the end of the day I enjoy the programme real or not and I like you and everyone else choose whether or not to watch. The show does fine until Karl and stuart start their antics which is really sad as at the end of the day if people dont believe them then eventually that will be it. Good luck Chris in all you do, both you and david wells seemed to be the only two believable ones, wouldnt a show with david and chris i for one would definetly be glued.

  29. Good luck Chris with your future endeavours, hope you will be doing mediumship tours soon!! I have followed this programme since day 1 and have been on many ghost hunts but Most Haunted is now damaging all the work real ghost hunters do! As for Lesley I agree Heidi she is awful and in real life is extremely rude to people and has no time for anyone, we went to Tutbury for a day out (she owns/looks after Tutbury) and asked people for questions when asked she was like a MP and evaded the question or changed the subject. I hope a more authentic ghost programme emerges.

  30. I disagree with Chris. I do not believe the crew fake incidences of the paranormal.I am certain that, if this was happening at any time, Dr.O’Keefe would as an academic expose it.

    I certainly believe there are regular clashes of personality and egos on the show. I think this has a lot to do with people leaving.

  31. It’s a big shame Chris as I think I only realy wanted to watch when I knew you were the medium. We all fully understand your decision and rightly so. I hope we will see you on other programmes, where you will be given more credit for your work. Lets face it… what programme do they have if they dont have a good medium.. certainly not many spirits! Oh and just for the record… Leslie…. we laugh at you when you tell the medium if they are right or wrong….. She is a historian.. if I what wanted to listen to you waffle on I’d buy a History book!!

  32. so sorry chris has gone, but he could hardly continue when he was constantly ignored and talked over. wish we could do the same with that awful ‘historian’ woman…thinks she’s psychic…is actually sickik! Less of the leslie show, more of the real stuff, please…and some definite news on our tour tickets…bet they’re earning you a fat load of interest. Maybe you should change it to most hunted, as an awful lot of us are getting seriously hacked off.

  33. Most Haunted has been my favourite programme from the first series and i am so disappointed with Karl – there have been what i beleive to be “genuine” mediums such as David Wells and of course, Chris Conway who i thought gave such a lot to Most Haunted. Does any medium on Most Haunted even stand a chance? Carl makes his views very clear on the Paranormal Debate programme on The Paranormal Channel. He states that most mediums are “Clowns – not all mediums, but most of them.”
    I think he needs to stop being so awefull about the mediums or he is going to do Most Haunted more harm than good.
    Will look out for you on other programmes Chris, all the very best to you.

  34. i been viewer and fan from the first.half hour programe on many others saw this programe grow.i started to doubt recently.and now confermed to me my doubts.well done chris.i respect you very much.myself have
    fiished with most haunted.shame on them.

  35. well thats turn up its usually most haunted exposing the mediums not the other way round!!
    whilst being a fan of the show i am starting to have serious doubts over its authenticity. i feel more technology should be employed and they should sterr away from the spiritualist mumbo jumbo that will always raies doubts and questions. look at how successful ghost hunters is or ghost adventures. both employ the latest tech and that evidence is always harder to fake/debunk sorry chris your gone i actually liked you and i can understand your feelings completeley

  36. I`m sooooo over this! i`ve been a fan since the start and am dissapointed on so many levels right now! The only reason i`ll be watching the next show is to see if anyone has the balls to explain what the hell`s going on with the live tour not going ahead and also to reasure us we have not been conned all this time because right now i`m feeling like a fool. Hmmmmmmm looking forward to seeing how this is all dealt with. xxx

  37. I’m happy that Chris is gone, since the first time he appeared I’ve never thought he was any good. No-one can rival David Wells, he was just incredible with the information he came out with, I wish he would come back, there was no-one like him and I don’t think there would be either, however I absolutely love Most Haunted and regardless of whether they have a rubbish medium or not, I’ll still always be an avid fan.

  38. I’m soooo sad. I love Chris, but I can see what he’s saying. I have been very disapointed that he gets left in the hub, talked over and generally ignored.

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