Malum : A new film by Karl Beattie based about Larton Manor

Known as the most haunted place in the world Larton Manor is a house like no other, it has a history of death, torture and witchcraft. No one who has lived at the property has ever had a happy life and no one has ever stayed in the house over night since it was left abandoned, unwanted and more importantly feared. A news anchorwoman, a parapsychologist, a spiritual medium and a team of four investigative experts are about to enter Larton Manor in an attempt to uncover its mystery. Possessions, murder and mayhem become the order of the day, or should I say night, until the climactic end and unforeseen twist, but is it paranormal…or just madness.(Posted by Karl Beattie on IMDB)

Credited cast includes Yvette Fielding and Shayne Ward



This is not to be confused with the film MALUM on You Tube from NECROPOLIS FILMS, a horror film by Volker Morlock

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