Most Haunted : Drakelow Tunnels – Filming In 2014


From photos posted by Fred Batt on 10th May 2014 Most Haunted have been filming at the renowned Drakelow Tunnels on 8th May, a former underground military complex beneath the Kingsford Country Park north of Kidderminster.

During the construction and running of this facility, 6 people are thought to have died. These deaths are from roof collapses during excavation, and fatal human error during operation. It is believed most of the hauntings that occur here are from the very people that died here.

During the years there has been many reports of activity by workers and visitors alike. One of the most well known spirits is that of Oswald. He is believed to be one of the people who tragically died here many years ago. He’s a mischievous spirit, who is known to pull hair, move objects, and touch people. He’s been experienced throughout the tunnels.

It is believed, during the site’s decommission, the site was used as a place for satanic worship, opening up a door to the other realm. Many mediums have reported the presence of a demonic entity, most often in the canteen area.

One night, during the current caretakers rounds on the Nuclear side, his two dogs were found barking at the corner of one room. Upon investigation, the caretaker found no explanation as to why they were so distressed.

Manifestations have been caught on camera, as well as orbs, and mists. On a few occasions wartime music has also been heard playing over the tannoy system, even though the site has been without electricity for years.

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  1. We are soo HAPPY that Yvette and crew will be back on our screens and DVD, it has been long time coming. HAPPY HAUNTINGS!!!

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