Most Haunted Live 9 – Released 17th October 2011

Transporting you to Prague, the city of 1,000 spires, MOST HAUNTED LIVE, SERIES 9 digs into the city’s mysterious past of witchcraft and blood-soaked tyranny. From the site where Nazi Reich officers created programme’s to open dimensional portals, to the castle that witches supposedly razed to the ground, Most Haunted Live takes you to the most sinister place in Europe.



3 thoughts on “Most Haunted Live 9 – Released 17th October 2011”

  1. i have loved most haunted ever since i first started watching it…. and i still watch it now…. every single day …. it has to carry on…… please most haunted team…. there has to be plenty of places you aint been to yet….

  2. It’s nearly halloween and i’ve nothing to look forward to again. Last year was not my cup of tea. I and others need MOST HAUNTED back and soon please. Those week specials are fantastic viewing. x

  3. Hi Guys
    just want to say how sad it is to say goodbye. i am a very big fan of most haunted and have every series from 1-14 and live 1-9 but i must say how disappointing the live 9 was i found they where to short and there was not enough going on. cutting out and seem it was just the best bits and not the whole live show like 1-8 was.

    however will always be a very big fan and will miss you all good luck and best wishes xx

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