Yvette Fielding Under Dog Guard After Firebomb Threat. Yikes!

Most Haunted’s Yvette Fielding is being guarded by four attack dogs after threats were made to firebomb her live on television, her husband revealed. The 41-year-old star of Most Haunted Live has been given the protection of a rottweiler and three alsatians after a series of threats this week, including a death threat, on various web forums. The dogs were called into action after a number of threats by members of an urban exploration forum called 28 Days Later. Various threats – including a firebomb attack on Yvette as she films live from the deserted RAF base in West Raynham in Norfolk – have been posted since filming started last weekend.

Weirst isn’t it, that a woman who makes her living from death is now getting death threats? You go Yvette, we love you! Most Haunted Live: The Silent Town, every night this week from 9pm, LIVING

Source: http://www.femalefirst.co.uk/celebrity/Yvette+Fielding+Under+Dog+Guard+After+Firebomb+Threat+Yikes-30630.html

5 thoughts on “Yvette Fielding Under Dog Guard After Firebomb Threat. Yikes!”

  1. It’s 28Days, highly unlikely such a nice bunch would actually carry out anything like this and definitely an overreaction, especially if it was OT who said it… *rolleyes*

  2. and addition to what i said before them getting eaten alive by rottweillers they would end up with being bruised by karl

  3. i think 28 days later are a bunch of dicks cause anyone who would want to hurt the most haunted team would be eaten alive by rotweillers

  4. yvette and her team are just tooo awesome because the people who want to hurt her(28 days later) are just absoulute pussy’s who probaly cannot afford to buy all the equipment and cant pluck up the courage to go and do a night in some where like the black swan hotel, and to be honest i think that alot of people will agree with me.
    most respect to yvette and the team.
    Peace. 🙂

  5. I’m honestly shocked to think people would go to horrible lengths to inflict fear on to yourself and everyone around you its wicked and very sad
    The work you do is amazing ,I would give anything to go on the vigils with the team i’ve watched Most Haunted from the very beginning and LOVE IT !! keep up the good work team and Yvette stay positive and strong you are brill love to all the team xxx

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