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20 thoughts on “Access All Areas Of Paranormal With The Karl & Yvette Team Support Group”

  1. I have watched most haunted since it started and i have been watching it recently on pick tv,i wonder why you have to swear so much the other week there was supposed to be spirit children and all we heard was bleep,bleep,bleep the way you swear i dont think you have any respect for yourself let alone any spirits instead of throwing stones at you i think they should throw you all a bar of soap for your mouths.

  2. why do you ask for something to happen and when it does you and that other woman start screaming your headfs off.
    Iff you don’t like it why do you do it?.

  3. Loving Most Haunted. Interesting history and findings, etc. One thing that is really beginning to get on my pip though is Cath. I feel she just gets too hyped up and thinks she sees things and gets touched. Doesn;t seem genuine. When you are out in the woods there are so many animals etc., and she is getting in a flap saying that she heard a womans moan. Nah ! Love the programme though.

  4. i love it it good to see it on freevew i cant get sky i cant a ford it i am olny on freevew

  5. Really miss MH, all the other Ghost program’s on Sky’s Bio are no where near as good as MH. let’s have it back.

  6. I’m so glad its coming back been following the group for more than a year now and I cant wait lets just hope its not on a sky channel if it is then no problem at least all the other fans get to watch it but when it dose come back i’m still gonna stick with the groups . good luck with the new series guys from me and the a few others from the MH groups

  7. This is a comment re the episode in Wales shown on NZ TV 27/02/12. First. I am a total sceptic of this subject. I am retired, I was at home by myself and had not watched the show before. I only watched it because I wanted to stay on this station to see the program that followed. I wear one hearing aid and had worn it all day being inside and outside the house, in my w/shop, and out shopping.
    When I watched your show I was surprised that when you reacted to a door opening, when sitting around the table, when there was a supposed “ghost” event, my hearing aid made a “beep” sound. I watched the show to the end because I could see no reason for it to do so. I was able to determine that it was “beeping ” just before the event, before you’d had time to respond to something, and after you had all stopped talking. It did it consistantly thoughout the show. I watched the TV on the same channel immediately afterwards and there was nothing similar nor had there been all day up to that point.
    It was a unique event for me and I thought I’d pass it on—–best regards, albert.

  8. please please come back soon have missed you so much…..have watched since the very first one….nothing can take your place xxxx

  9. Loved the show more than can b put into words and was depressed when they took it off the air here in the United States.please let me know if you are bringing it back on here .I Truly one of your biggest fans here in the states,Miss All of your entire cast and crew .Keep up the great work and ” GOD BLESS”

  10. My wife and I are addicted to MH , so much so that she has developed her psychic abilities . We do a ‘ MH’ where i research a location and she uses her abilities to find out any psychic activity in pubs , churches , houses etc.

    We met Richard Felix recently which was a real pleasure for us

  11. What news can we learn about MH coming back in 2012? Would Yvette and Karl be part of the show again? Love them all, leave Ciaran, he needs a job and they do need at least one negative whiner, heh?

  12. I stupidly signed up to BT Vision for 18 months as they told me they aired Living TV programmes – WRONG. Was absolutely gutted – no Most Haunted. Now signed back up with Sky and guess what? No Most Haunted!! Gutted :¬ ( Watching repeats on Living it. When you coming back and what channel? Hurry hurry :¬ )

  13. i agree with the last 2 posts here….bring most haunted back…..but invite all the mediums back, for a few episodes, derek acorah, david wells, etc, but sack keiron o’keaffe, bring a new parasychologist into it.

  14. absolutely fantastic news about mh coming back cant wait it hasnt been the same without itfor the last 2 halloweens and every tuesday night

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